Top 20 LGBTQ Friendly Cities for Holiday Travel

How many have you visited?

Still haven’t booked your plans for the holidays? Or perhaps you just want to know where all the other boys, girls, and non-binary folk are planning to be? Well, our friends over at Misterb&b have you got you covered: The online home rental marketplace catering to LGBTQ travelers, has compiled its 2018 Holiday Travel Index.

For the purposes of its index, Misterb&b calculated a city’s “gay-friendliness” based on whether the country the city is located in has made gay marriage legal, whether nationwide hate-crime protection laws exist (collected from ILGA’s 2017 State-Sponsored Homophobia report), the number searches for the destination received on its site in 2018 and 2017, and the number of Misterb&b bookings made in that city during the 2017 holiday season.

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Those with a keen eye (or, at least, a good sense of geography) will notice that some of the cities—although, in reality, separate municipalities—are generally considered parts of the same metropolitan area. For instance, Cathedral City (#4) and Palm Springs (#2) are next door to each other in California’s Coachella Valley. Similarly, Oakland Park (#16) and Wilton Manors (#1) are neighbors that are both surrounded on at least two sides by Fort Lauderdale (#3).

And if Rio de Janeiro (#8) is on your must-see list, you may want to hurry: Brazil’s newly-elected, very right-wing president takes office on January 1.

Here’s the full list:

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20. Maspalomas (Canary Islands), Spain


19. Honolulu, Hawaii, United States (USA)

18. Vienna, Austria

17. Dallas, Texas, USA

16. Oakland Park, Florida, USA


Photo by El Ojo Torpe/Getty Images

15. Montevideo, Uruguay


14. Arco da Calheta (Madeira), Portugal

13. Copenhagen, Denmark

12. Las Vegas, Nevada, USA

11. St. Petersburg, Florida, USA


Photo by John Hicks/Getty Images

10. Nashville, Tennessee, USA


9. London, United Kingdom

8. Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

7. Wailuku (Maui), Hawaii, USA


Photo by Vadim Anvaer/Getty Images

6. Provincetown, Massachusetts, USA


5. Miami Beach, Florida, USA

4. Cathedral City, California, USA

3. Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA


Photo by Peter Unger/Getty Images

2. Palm Springs, California, USA


1. Wilton Manors, Florida, USA (photo at top)


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