“Torchwood” gets a fourth season … but will “Janto” fans tune out?


The big Torchwood news to come out of this weekend didn’t come from Comic-Con. Instead, word spread that the hit sci-fi series had been picked up for a fourth season the day before its panel took place in front of cheering fans. So far, however, there’s no word on who will be a part of the Torchwood team or how many episodes there will be this season (and there was no additional news at the panel.)

And while Torchwood fans have mixed feelings towards the series after watching Children of Earth, if the Comic-Con panel is any indication fans aren’t done with the series yet.

There may have been expectations of Torchwood creator Russell T. Davies being greeted by pitchforks, judging by the accounts I’ve read, but the worst he faced at the Torchwood panel in San Diego were cries of "We want Ianto!" when Davies entered, as well as boos at the first mention of the late Torchwood teammate.

And even Davies seemed a little more mellow at the panel.

At least, this wasn’t the Davies who suggested irate viewers watch Supernatural instead. When an Ianto fan stepped up to the mic to bring up Davies’ comments about internet fandom, Davies struck a more conciliatory tone, "I have nothing but respect for internet fandom: I understand that some things I have said have been taken the wrong way – and I understand that, and that’s ok because sometimes people will always read things the way that makes sense to them. But I’m just not going to change my mind. I’m not."

Meanwhile, after John Barrowman discussed how he was worried if viewers would still like Captain Jack after Children of Earth, the audience was asked if they still liked the cheeky Time Agent, invoking cheers and a cry of "Still hot!"

Of course, it wouldn’t be a Torchwood panel without some misbehavior from Barrowman, who flirted with both Children of Earth director Euros Lyn and the panel’s moderator, TV Guide’s Rich Sands. Barrowman also gave a shout out to his partner, Scott Gill, seated in the audience when an audience member thanked him for being openly gay.

TV critic Alan Sepinwall twittered that John came in for some ribbing himself. 

As for the future developments, there was little revealed (not surprising, considering that the fourth season was only just ordered) save that we shouldn’t be expecting a musical episode of Torchwood any time soon.

Barrowman rejected the idea, saying a musical episode wouldn’t live up to the series’ tone while Davies said they wouldn’t be able to top Buffy’s musical episode.

If the positive reactions at the panel are any indication, it sounds like a fourth Torchwood season has a chance at finding its audience (although many were still reluctant to accept Ianto’s death). How do you feel about the matter, will you tune in or will that depend on who will be on the team?

Lyle Masaki is a fan of obscure superheroes, video games, adorkable guys and that show you loved that got cancelled way too soon.