Trading Spaces Returning—With Paige Davis!

The beloved home design show will return in 2018.

It’s a DIY miracle—Trading Spaces is coming back with Paige Davis as host!

TLC confirmed on Wednesday that the beloved home design show and its perennially perky host would be making the big return to TV in 2018.

While execs have yet to reveal the exact format of the revamp, the addition of Davis seems to suggest that the show will mirror its original structure wherein pairs of neighborhood pals swap houses for two days of wacky design fun on a budget.

Bob Riha Jr./Getty Images

Trading Spaces ran for eight seasons from 2000-2008. While the program wasn’t originally a hit, it gained popularity for its ending reveal sequences, which showed participants reacting to everything from walls covered in hay to a living room completely filled with sand.

The show also made a star of Paige Davis, who employed her infectious energy to play not only host, but best friend, advocate, partner-in-crime and occasional therapist to the rotating cast of homeowners.

“I knew they had a lot of decisions to make, and I just kind of offered myself up to say, ’I’m here. Even if you just have questions, I’m here to be a part of it in any way that you see fit,'” Davis told Entertainment Weekly of the revival. “So I was very delighted when I got the phone call to say, ’Yes, indeed, we want you to host it.’ I screamed.”

“I think there’s a tremendous wave of nostalgia happening right now,” she continued. “And I believe that if we deliver excellent episodes in the format that fans knew and loved, it will reach into people’s hearts and memories and tap into something that’s bigger than just design, and bigger than home improvement.”

Production for the Trading Spaces reboot has already started, with casting directors scoping out hopeful homeowners in Los Angeles, Atlanta and Baltimore. New episodes are slated to begin airing next year.

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