Gabrielle Charles Gibson/Facebook

Trans Bride To Be Featured On “Say Yes To The Dress”

"You see this show that you have watched so much and it’s now your turn."

For Gabrielle Gibson, shopping for a wedding dress as a 6’1” trans woman came with a unique set of challenges. But luckily for her, TLC’s Say Yes to the Dress was there to help.

The bride-to-be told Unicorn Booty that she assumed she’d need to have a wedding dress custom-made, but booked an appointment at Kleinfeld’s in New York City because she still wanted the traditional shopping experience with her mother. But the TLC reality show was already set to be filming on the day she was scheduled to come in, and producers eventually picked her to be featured.

“We walk in the store and I almost lost it,” she told Unicorn Booty. “I was so overwhelmed with emotions because you see this show that you have watched so much and it’s now your turn.”

Since Say Yes to the Dress is not a show exclusively for queer or liberal people, the exposure will be a great victory for visibility, especially for trans women of color. And although Gibson won’t actually be the first trans bride to appear on the franchise—Precious Davis took that honor on the Atlanta spin-off last year—she will be the first to appear on the New York version, the original series that is celebrating its tenth anniversary this year.

Gibson is set to walk down the aisle in November, and her episode of Say Yes to the Dress will premiere on March 25 on TLC.

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