Activists Unfurl Giant Transgender Pride Flag at Lincoln Memorial

The community is making itself visible under the shadow of the Trump administration's attempts to erase them.

Activists unfurled a huge transgender pride flag at the Lincoln Memorial in Washington, D.C. earlier this week to send the message they won’t be erased.

The action comes after a leaked memo showed the Trump administration floating a plan to undo trans rights by defining gender as immutable and defined by genitalia at birth.

The president has attempted to frame this as necessary to protect the country, pushing dangerous rhetoric that trans people pose a threat merely for existing, when in truth they are the vulnerable population under attack.

The group tweeted out photos, showing individuals holding up separate strips of cloth that together create the flag, explaining it was accomplished with the help of “local advocates and community members,” and was designed to ensure they aren’t erased, forgotten, or ignored.

Watch video of the inspiring moment below.

The Trump administration has already gone after trans rights in a number of ways, including trying to keep trans people out of the military, rolling back protections for students and inmates, and changing language on government websites to remove “gender” and replace it with “sex.” The U.S. is also exporting its transphobic vision, attempting to remove the word “gender” from UN documents.

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