Trans Girl Scout Triumphs Over Bigoted Bully By Selling Thousands Of Cookies

“I want kids like me to know they are perfect just the way they are."

Nine-year-old Stormi’s goal of selling as many Girl Scout cookies as possible was not at all competitive. “I like to sell cookies because it’s very nice to sell cookies,” the Herrin, Illinois native told BuzzFeed News, adding that the cookies “make people smile.”

Stormi and her mother ventured out into their neighborhood, not three blocks from their home, when they encountered a bigoted man who told the young girl that “nobody wants to buy cookies from a boy in a dress.”

“It made me sad,” Stormi said. “Because I’m a girl.”

After a good cry, Stormi decided not to let one man’s foolishness get the best of her, and with the help of her mother, Kim, moved her effort to an online portal through the Girl Scouts called Digital Cookies.

After her mother shared the incident in an online forum for parents of transgender teens, the story spread like wildfire. Within four days, Stormi had sold over 3,000 boxes of cookies.

In addition to raising money for her Girl Scouts troupe, Stormi decided to donate cookies to local foster children.

“I want kids like me to know they are perfect just the way they are,” she says. “There are people all over the world that love you. Never give up because it does get better.”

Bravo, Stormi!