Trans Star Mila Jam Strips to Demand “Stop Killing Us” in New Video

“Masquerade” is also a bop.

Read. Her. Face.

Mila Jam has released a powerful new video for her latest single, “Masquerade,” a danceable bop about ending a relationship with yet another lying scrub.

The New York singer-songwriter uses the video as an opportunity to confront the epidemic of transphobic violence and the murder of transgender women.

Mila, a vision with long blue braids and a floral crown, lays herself bare, posing and strutting nearly nude on a city rooftop with the message “stop killing us” boldly painted all over her body and face. The time for subtlety has long passed.

Directed with Josh Drake, the video—which includes a visit to the Phluid Project, NYC’s first and only fully gender-neutral retailer—ends with another sobering message: “We can’t afford the cost of your secrets.”

“Say it louder,” Mila writes on Instagram, “waitin’ for the world to change.”

“Masquerade” isn’t Mila’s first video dedicated to her slain sisters. Her 2018 video for “Bruised” also explores the cycle of abuse perpetuated by straight-identifying men against trans women.

Watch “Masquerade” below.

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