Trans People Fight Unjust “Bathroom Bills” With Restroom Selfies In #WeJustNeedToPee Viral Campaign

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In recent months Republican fear-mongers have ramped up their anti-LGBT attacks with so-called “bathroom bills” that penalize trans citizens if they don’t use the facilities associated with their birth gender.

In response, a growing number of trans people having started posting selfies taken in public restrooms to show how ludicrous these laws are. Brae Carnes launched #PlettPutMeHere in response to Senator Don Plett, who introduced anti-trans legislation in the Canadian parliament.

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Here in the U.S, Michael C. Hughes is popularizing #WeJustNeedToPee. “Do I look like I belong in women’s facilities? Republicans are trying to get legislation passed that would put me there based on my gender at birth,” he wrote in a post. “Transgender people don’t go to the bathroom to peep or to harm anyone in any way. #WeJustNeedToPee @OccupyPotty #TransLivesMatter.”

we just need to pee

h/t: Towleroad