Trans Student Posts Disturbing Video of Being Harassed While in School Bathroom Stall

“I’m using the bathroom right now and they just violated me.”

A video posted by a trans student in Minnesota is creating a firestorm on social media.

Kenidra Woods, the St. Louis-based founder of the Hope 4 Humanity Project, posted a video on Twitter of a trans student sitting—and filming—in a stall at Osseo Senior High School in Osseo, MN. The stall is opened from the outside, and three school officials can be seen standing in the bathroom waiting for the student to leave.

“I am so scared and violated right now,” the student says in the clip. “They just walked in the bathroom while I was using the bathroom for no reason.”

Another video posted to Facebook shows the student after the incident walking down the hallway and pointing out the adults who opened the stall door on her.

“I’m not personally in touch with the student, but in her video, she asked for people to share it far and wide,” Woods told The Daily Dot. “So, I made it my priority to share it because it infuriated me to my core. No one should be treated in the manner she was treated.”

The high schooler’s violation of privacy is disturbing, but not entirely shocking: Last year, NewNowNext reported on a nationwide study that found nearly half of U.S. educators don’t believe trans students have the right to use the bathroom that aligns with their gender identity. Around the country, trans and gender non-conforming students have fought for their right to use the correct bathroom at school, only to be shot down.

Some have brought their struggles to the national stage by suing their schools districts. A few, like Ash Whitaker of Wisconsin, have even won major settlements.

Proponents of these transphobic bathroom policies usually purport that allowing trans students to use the bathroom of their choice poses a safety risk for cisgender students. However, a recent study out of Massachusetts found that there was no discernible uptick in the number or frequency of safety complaints in restrooms after state legislators approved trans-inclusive laws governing such spaces.

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