Gender Non-Conforming Students Warn Trump That They “Cannot Be Erased”

A poignant video from GLAAD contains a powerful message to our president.

A group of transgender and gender non-conforming young people released an important message to the Trump administration last week that declared they’re not going anywhere.

The video comes in the wake of seven words allegedly being banned from appearing in financial documents for the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, including the words “transgender” and “diversity.”

Despite a CDC spokesperson denying that the words are prohibited, members of GLAAD’s campus ambassador program released a video message to speak out against the possibility of the bigoted ban.


“Regardless of what this administration says or does to attack us, they will never silence the brilliance, complexity and resilience of the community,” Western Connecticut State University student Leah Juliett says in the “Say the 7″ video.

“We cannot be deleted,” added student Delaney Perkins. “We cannot be erased.”

GLAAD President and CEO Sarah Kate Ellis praised the students for “bravely speaking truth in the face of the ongoing transphobia of the Trump administration,” telling HuffPost that the young people “are sending a strong signal to all of us on how to speak out and resist hate.”

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