Trans Students Called To Share Their Stories On Day Of Silence

And we're all called on to pitch in for Earth Day tomorrow.

5 Dollars/5 Minutes is a regular feature to help direct you to simple, inexpensive ways to act against discrimination and to protect the rights of the LGBT community—and all people—endangered by the Trump administration.

Got Five Minutes?

Today marks the Gay, Lesbian, Straight Education Network’s Day of Silence, when students in thousands of schools raise awareness about anti-LGBT bullying and harassment by vowing not to speak all day. In solidarity, Lambda Legal hopes to increase legal protections for young transgender people by asking them to share their stories.

“Separating trans students from their peers by forcing them to use separate restroom and locker room spaces is demeaning and can be emotionally damaging. It also violates the law,” Lambda Legal writes in a call to action. “We have your back. And we want to hear from you!”

If you’re a trans student, consider writing to Lambda Legal. If not, spread the word.

Got $5?

Our planet’s in jeopardy now more than ever: The Trump administration plans to cut the EPA’s budget by 31%, even though the agency currently accounts for only 0.22%— $8 billion—of a $4 trillion federal budget.

So each one of us has to show up for Earth Day tomorrow, April 22.

The Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is committed to minimizing Trump’s impact on the environment. Every donation, no matter how small, will help the nonprofit keep our earth safe, green, and healthy.

Donate to the EDF here.

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