A Trans Teen Comes Out To Her Dad In Exclusive Clip From “Just Charlie”

"By supporting each other unconditionally we can actually have much healthier, happier lives."

The moving drama Just Charlie sees talented teenage soccer player Charlie (Harry Gilby) bravely begin her gender transition in small-town England. While Charlie’s family comes to grips with the change they help her face with hostility from friends and neighbors.

Director Rebekah Fortune and writer Peter Machen originally adapted the 1997 play Killing Larry into a short film in 2012.

While Gilby is cisgender, Fortune says it was important to capture the experience of a young trans person with sensitivity and realism. The young actor worked with transgender youth and their families, including the U.K. resource group Mermaids, and spoke with trans members on the film’s crew.

“Harry had one-to-one sessions with a young trans actor, who talked to him extensively about their own journey,” Fortune tells NewNowNext. “On set we rehearsed and discussed each scene as we came to it, exploring where Charlie was emotionally, psychologically, and physically.

He also worked on gendering his body, she explains, “as we felt it important the Charlie was not too effeminate but that her physicality went from being very male to subtly changing as she becomes more at one with her true self.”

In this exclusive clip, Charlie first reveals her truth to her father.

Just Charlie comes to DVD on January 30.

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