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2017 Grammys Adds Awards’ First Transgender Trophy Presenter

"Music's universal power lies in its spirit of inclusion."

Diversity was the big winner at the Grammys this year, when a transgender woman served as a trophy presenter for the first time in the award show’s history.

Slay Model Management’s Martina Robledo joined actor Derek Marrocco and model Hollin Haley as presenters at Sunday night’s festivities, which broke away from the outdated tradition of simply using a “trophy girl.”

“To be honest, the idea of a ’trophy girl’ has felt antiquated for some time now,” said the president of the Recording Academy, Neil Portnow, in a statement on Friday. “Who wrote that rule anyway? The ability to present a trophy has nothing to do with one’s gender.”

Portnow said the decision to include Robledo wasn’t made just to get a reaction, but to acknowledge that “music’s universal power lies in its spirit of inclusion” for everyone.

Robledo is aware, however, that viewers’ reactions will be mixed, but she said she’s more concerned with being someone who can inspire trans youth.

“I know it’s going to make some people uncomfortable and make others weep for joy,” she said. “I’m just going to step out there and strut and make sure I deliver my best because there’s [sic] people out there looking up to me.”

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