Trans Woman Films Her Horrifying Assault On New York City Subway

Of all the people on the train, only one stopped to help her pick up her bag.

A trans woman who was verbally and physically assaulted by someone attacking her gender identity on a New York City subway last Thursday has uploaded video of the ordeal to Facebook, hoping to raise awareness for the type of transphobia she and other trans women face on a daily basis.

“I am an outreach social worker for Trans Latina network and an Asian transgender individual,” the victim, Pearl Love, wrote on Facebook.

She explained that she encountered the woman in the video below while riding a 4 train to work at the LGBT Center around 4:30pm.

“When I change 6 train to 4 express train in 125 st station an unknown woman sitting across me starter to verbally abuse me,” Love wrote. “Make lot of shit comments about how much she hate Trans people and want me to suck her dick. She also made racist comments.”

Love said she ignored the woman at first but began filming because she was “getting so loud and crazy.”

In the video, the aggressive woman is seen leaning forward in her seat calling Love a “transvestite” and a “homo fuckin’ gay motherfucker in some fuckin’ women’s products and whatnot.” She also comments on Love’s “woman’s bag,” and says she’s “living in a man’s penis…and body with women’s makeup on.”

The diatribe continues for over a minute. Via Gawker:

“Do you do this on the weekends or is this an everyday event for you? Like, you sit up and get on the train everyday, like, ‘What do people think about me?’ one day, and then you cut all your shit off, put your extensions back in and go back to work, like…who are you really under all that makeup? Where’d you come from? Are you the emperor of China? Or like how are we supposed to act with you? What should we do about you? ‘Cause this shit right here ain’t appropriate for my child. I’m sorry, I don’t give a fuck. I don’t give a fuck. I’ll fight you right now, I don’t even feel comfortable with you right now.”

At this point in the video, the woman gets up and hits Love twice before Love stops recording.

“When I retreated she threw all my stuff on the floor and chased me around the train and say she is going to find a stick to hit me,” Love wrote on Facebook. “It was a crowded train and everyone heard it but no one helped me. Guys acting like nothing happened.”

“Now you can understand what’s happening in my everyday life. That happens all the time. But it’s my first time recording it.”

In a separate interview with Gawker, Love said she’s harassed multiple times a week, although the interactions don’t always end up physical.

“Usually people say two, three sentences that aren’t nice and you’re not looking,” she said. “All transgender people probably know that’s everyday life.”

Though she didn’t report the incident to police, Love said she’s now working with the Anti-Violence Project to see if her attacker can be apprehended.

According to Gawker, she’s waiting to decide what to do with the other footage she took that shows the woman chasing and hitting her in the subway station.

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