Anti-Trans Hate Crimes In L.A. Nearly Tripled Last Year

"We live our lives daily frightened being out there on the streets," says trans advocate Karina Samala.

A new report from the Los Angeles Police Department reveals a disturbing increase in anti-trans hate crimes across the city.

In 2016, police reported just eight attacks on transgender Angelinos. But that number soared to 23 in 2017. Overall, hate crimes rose more than 10% year-to-year, the majority targeting racial and sexual minorities, with 115 attacks against people of color and 70 against lesbian, gay, and bisexual individuals.

Most involved vandalism, including a February 2017 attack on the Los Angeles LGBT center, where vandals sprayed slurs like “fag” and “tranny” on the building’s exterior. (That incident itself is part of a disturbing increase on threats and attacks made on LGBT centers across the country since the election.)

Karina Samala, who chairs a city council advisory board on trans issues, calls the uptick in hate crimes “staggering.”

“We live our lives daily frightened being out there on the streets because of this violence toward transgender people,” she told the Los Angeles Daily News. Samala added that activists are working with police to prevent such crimes and hold perpetrators accountable.

City councilman David Ryu pushed the LAPD to issue the report after he noticed “an uptick in hate crimes and an emboldening of hate groups,” according to the Los Angeles Times.

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