Twitter Sticks Up For Bullied Trans Teen: “Progressive People Are In Solidarity With You”

Aspiring politician Lily Madigan has received a massive outpouring of love and support.

After winning a local election in the U.K., a young trans woman was viciously trolled on social media. But hundreds of Twitter users, including some prominent politicians, banded together to stick up for her.

After being elected the Labor Party Women’s Officer on November 20, 19-year-old Lily Madigan faced transphobic backlash from conservative outlets and harassment on social media.

The trolling only got worse after she tweeted about applying for the Jo Cox Women in Leadership Program, named after the late MP who was murdered in June 2016.

“Jo stood for unity, kindness, empathy and respect,” Madigan tweeted. “Transphobic rhetoric, fueled by the right-wing media, is insulting to the values of the programme.”

In response, transphobes doubled down in their attacks, upsetting the teen so much she had to take time off school.

“Please stop—I can’t handle it anymore,” she begged in a subsequent tweet. “I’m so mentally distressed that I can’t sleep or eat or go to school. No one deserves this. There’s only so many times I can read lies or my dead name or misgendering. I’m just a teenager. Please just stop. I don’t want to do this anymore.”

Thankfully, hundreds of Twitter users rushed in to shut down Madigan’s haters.

“A trans teenager (a group that study after study reveals to be highly vulnerable) goes into politics and is bullied by people old enough to be her parents, if not grandparents,” tweeted trans activist Paris Lees. “What is this country becoming?”

“What was I doing at 19?” Lees added. “Having sex for cash. Facing family rejection. Getting attacked in the street. Being denied healthcare. Thinking my life had to be shit because I was shit. THANK GOD trans kids are FINALLY starting to feel like they can take part in society as equal members.”

Others signed an open statement of solidarity and offered words of encouragement on Twitter.

“You are an amazing person, Lily,” one supporter wrote. “So sorry you’re having to put up with all that hate. Just remember that far more people are for you.”

“You are so strong and so brave,” wrote another. “It’s unfair that you’re expected to be just for being who you are but you are smashing it. There are a lot of sad and cruel people out there that live for spite but they’re a minority. They’re losing and will continue to do so.”

Madigan also heard from former Labor Party leader Ed Miliband, whom she has long admired.

“Ignore twitter if you can which is often full of rubbish and try not to engage with trolls,” Miliband said in a direct message. “Remember genuinely progressive people are in solidarity with you and support you.” He added, “If I can help let me know. Or if you want to talk. Best wishes, Ed.”

Madigan posted a screen shot of their exchange, and confessed that she was “low key fan-girling” over his message.

Lily Madigan/Facebook

The support seems to made an impact: Last night, Madigan tweeted she was back to “feeling positive” after her first official meeting as a Women’s Officer.

“Thanks for the overwhelming solidarity. Time to crack on and do my best for the women who elected me.”

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