Trending in Style: Transgender Model Lea T. Is One of the New Faces of Benetton

Courtesy of Giulio Rustichelli/Benetton.

  • Brazilian transgender model Lea T. is among the new, diverse faces for Benetton, where she proudly wears the new color of the year (emerald) and talks about her personal experiences.
  • Victoria Beckham is set to launch her new site next month, where fans can buy her clothes online as well as see art and clippings reflecting her creative process. Watch a video all about it here!
  • Ginnifer Goodwin showed off her home (which she bought from Busy Phillips) for Elle, which has a great theme of one big, colorful piece in each room being complimented by everything else. Basically, if acting ever starts to bore her, interior design is a solid back-up career.
  • Vanity Fair, for the first time ever, has opened up it’s Best Dressed List for ordinary citizens as well as celebs. All those Lookbook accounts will come in handy!
  • Taylor Swift was photographed as Disney’s Rapunzel (how fitting!) by Annie Leibovitz for a portrait series which includes Russell Brand as Captain Hook and Jack Black, Will Ferrell and Jason Segel as the Hitchhiking Ghosts.