Eight Arrested In Brutal Slaying Of Brazilian Trans Woman Dandara Dos Santos

Her terrifying assault was captured on video.

Eight suspects have been arrested in connection with the murder of Dandara dos Santos, a Brazilian transgender woman who was kicked, punched, and hit with a plank of wood before being shot in the face twice and bludgeoned to death.

A video of the assault on dos Santos went viral, prompting a discussion on the inclusion of such disturbing footage by news outlets (including NewNowNext).

dandara dos santos

The 42-year-old Brazilian was pulled from her home in Fortaleza on February 15. A witness says the attackers used rocks, sticks, and even flip-flops, to beat her, calling the incident “a cruel lynching.” The assailants dumped dos Santos in a wheelbarrow and took her a back alley where she was murdered.

Five men were initially arrested—two adults and three minors. In all, eight men have now been charged–four adults and four teens, one of whom turned himself in. Homophobic and transphobic violence is a major issue in Brazil: In 2016, one LGBT person was killed approximately every 25 hours, with 42% of the victims identifying as transgender.

Dandara’s mother, Francisca Ferreira, praised her as someone who was always there to help, even if she was tired. “Wherever we asked her to go, she would. She never said no.”

h/t: Pink News

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