Pennsylvania Trans Man Shot And Killed By Police After Apparent Domestic Dispute

Sean Ryan Hake is the third transgender person reported killed in the United States this year.

A domestic violence call turned deadly Friday night when a Pennsylvania police officer ended up shooting and killing a young transgender man.


Sean Ryan Hake, 23, was killed in his home after the Sharon Police Department responded to a 911 call placed by his mother about an alleged stabbing.

Police have only confirmed that the shooting was officer-involved and that said officer would be put on paid administrative leave while officials investigate the incident.

The SPD has not yet clarified whether or not Hake was involved in the domestic assault that led to police arriving at the scene.

Miles K. Karson Jr, a Mercer County District attorney, has refused to comment on the situation, but did say that further details would be provided Wednesday.

“Our goal is to have a complete investigation and have complete transparency,” he explained. “But it’s going to take a few days.”

Friends and family took to Facebook over the weekend to remember and reflect on Hake’s short life.

“I hate your life was taken right before it was getting ready to begin,” read one. “This breaks my heart. Condolences to his family and friends.”

“Another brother lost. I can only hope your loved ones can find peace after all this,” read another.

“This makes my heart hurt so much today. You were so happy and so ready for what life was bringing your way, you were about to receive many blessings in your life. And in seconds that was all stripped from you, and now you are gone. This just shows how fragile life is. Fly high angel and look over all of your friends and loved ones. They are all hurting right now.”

Early media reports misgendered Hake, but friends have affirmed his identity to police. He is the third transgender person reported killed in the United States this year.

h/t: WFMJ

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