Transparent Season 4 And The Mad Genius Of Jill Soloway

Will the Pfeffermans ever get it together? Here's hoping they don't.

In season 4 of the lauded Amazon Prime series, the lovably damaged Pfeffermans are reeling from the events of season 3.

Those were mostly dark times for the members of the clan, with the exception of Shelly (Judith Light), who sheds some relationship dead weight and manages to find her voice. Literally. She sings Alanis Morrisette’s “Hand in My Pocket” on the main stage on a cruise ship, to a packed house. It’s raw and honest, and a bright spot in the depiction of a character who is exhausted of being pitied. “I am not at home in this family. You ridicule me,” she says to her children. “You bond with each other behind my back. You roll your eyes at me.” (It also features a too-short cameo by the brilliant Tom Lenk as “the gay” who comes with her ship suite, and who accompanies her on piano onstage.)

Meanwhile, Maura Pfefferman (Jeffrey Tambor) tests the romantic waters in a new way that will make waves in the new episodes.

At the end of that season, the dark times for the nation were merely a dark, orange cloud looming on the horizon. This new season arrives 245 days into the Trump era, and while America searches for its footing, Maura, her ex-wife Shelly, and their messed-up children make a pilgrimage—collectively to Israel, and individually down their own primrose paths.

On the even of the release of the new season, Jeffrey Tambor and Judith Light talk with Logo’s Matthew Breen, about the Trump terror that lies beneath, and creator Jill Soloway’s strange and brilliant storytelling.

Transparent Season 4 premieres Friday, September 22 on Amazon Prime.

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