The Pfeffermans Are Back In New Trailer For “Transparent” Season Four

"Family is gross, but it's important."

It’s going to be hard to top Judith Light singing Alanis Morisette from last year’s finale, but we have faith in the Transparent team as they return for a fourth season of the Emmy-winning series.

Not much is revealed in the new short preview for the new season, but it looks like the Pfefferman clan are as suffocatingly close as ever—at least this time Maura (Jeffrey Tambor) is coping with life with help from some edible marijuana.


At an Emmys For Your Consideration event back in April Transparent creator Jill Soloway didn’t divulge too much info about the new season, but did tease that “things will get more political than they’ve ever been.”

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

Singer-songwriter Our Lady J, who joined the Transparent team as a writer and is now a prodcer, also commented on the show’s new political awareness and how the Pfeffermans leave L.A. and travel to Israel in the new seaon.

“It felt like—when we were counting on having our first female president—we were writing for these characters and these stories that were going to be taking place in that America,” Our Lady J told Deadline.

Gabriel Olsen/FilmMagic

“Then, we took a step back and we realized that our themes that had been running through what we were writing were actually right in line with what the country was feeling. There was this general anxiety, there was fear, there was uncertainty. We ran with those themes and we really leaned into those things,” she added.

Maybe Judith Light will run for public office in the new season? If so, she’s got our vote!

Transparent Season Four will premiere this fall on Amazon.

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