Shelly Pfefferman Challenges The World’s Worst Life Coach In Lost “Transparent” Scene

This digital spinoff should hold you over until the new season premieres.

Funny or Die is here to help you fill that Pfefferman void while you wait for the new season of Transparent.

Transparent: The Lost Sessions is a new 10-episode digital series directed by Amy Landecker (who plays Sarah Pfefferman on Transparent), and features some of your favorite characters from the Emmy-winning dramedy.

The Lost Sessions stars Carrie Aizley as “world’s worst life coach,” Laura Milton-Kaufberger, with whom Sarah had won a series of coaching sessions with on the show. After using one session herself, Sarah has now passed off the rest to her family and friends, and that includes her mother, Shelly (Judith Light) in the latest episode.

Funny or Die

Once Shelly sits down with Laura it doesn’t take long for the session to go off the rails and Shelly to start complaining about Laura’s office decor, eventually leading to Laura breaking down and admitting she is a kleptomaniac.

Watch the fun clip below that should make the wait until the September 22 season premiere a little more bearable.

The new season sees the Pfeffermans taking a family trip to Israel, as well as guest star Alia Shawkat popping up in bed with Sarah and Len, Maura coming out to Ali about dating a cisgender man, and Shelly taking an improv class.

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