Travis Wall Likes Presents, Russell Tovey’s Shameless, Zac Efron’s Outdoor Gym: INSTAGRAM

Grant Gustin's The Flash has layers, Kelly Ripa names Anderson Cooper her babbydaddy, Simon Dunn can pin me any day

So does this mean he got married or is just trolling us?


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Hawk butt

When boredom strikes. #HawkPlay #Hawkman #Hawkgirl #Handstands #YogaEverywhere #LOT @falkhentschel

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An evening in Paris

Friday eve in Paris

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Well, season one Felicity wouldn’t have done this

Gone fishing ? @echokells

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Probably fairly accurate description of the series

Hey, everyone needs to be fed

The food here is great… @howtogetawaywithmurder

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It’s nice to get nice things

The Flash is a very layered character

This is what I'm wearing under my Flash suit to keep warm for this night shoot. #TheFlashSeason2

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Just for the caption

We’ll always love you Matty

Just because @dancingau is finished doesn't mean #spraytansessions has to!! #youngandbeautiful ?????

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My gym does not look like this

Training like Teddy

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What if this is what we call art?

Someone said I post too much art #shameless

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No one is more surprised that Anderson

Haha!! The #SilverFox #AndersonCooper is in the house! #KellyandMichael FOLLOW US ON SNAPCHAT @ KellyandMichael

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The line to go there forms behind me

Laverne has racked up a lot of well deserved awards this year

There is a lot going on with Blue’s outfit

If Shadowhunters keeps this beefcake covered up under formal clothes, it’s sabotaging it’s own ratings

Pride was always in style

Making beautiful music together

No shade meant, but I didn’t know Damien still had enough starpower to attend these kind of parties

Rugby, bobsledding, and now wrestling? Simon is pushing all my sport gay porn fantasies

And he got shirtless before this happened. Imagine what happened after this

His local guides are very, very, very handsome

Did anyone else see Scorch Trials with them?

I did laugh. I know I shouldn’t have, but I did

Those are pretty impressive arms

Still won’t be watching a sappy Christmas movie, even for Jonathan

Did the party have a dance floor?

I’m not sure I could handle that

And something to make you smile

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