Trevor Donovan Buffs Up And Enlists In “NCIS”

He's in the Navy now!

Lets all take a minute to soak up the splendor that is Trevor Donovan.
We first encountered this gorgeous Cali boy on the 90210 reboot, where he played resident gay Teddy Montgomery. Since then, he’s had roles on The Client List, Melissa & Joey, Awkward and Drop Dead Diva.

Now the actor, who just turned 39 last week, is joining the cast of CBS’ long-running NCIS. He teased his appearance back with a tweet back in August.

“I’ve always been a fan of NCIS—It’s one of the most watched shows on TV,” Donovan tells NewNowNext. “It’s really exciting to be part of it and work with such a talented cast.”

Sadly Trevor couldn’t tell us much about his role, beyond the fact that he makes his debut on tonight’s episode. But it must involve some pretty strenuous lifting based on how fit he looks in these gorgeous photos from photographer Devin Dygert.

Devin Dygert
Devin Dygert
Devin Dygert


Trevor is also appearing in Marry Me At Christmas, airing October 28 on the Hallmark Channel. But if you want Christmas to come a little early, feel free to ogle him in the Instagrams below.

"Birthdays are stupid." – Me every October 11th. PS. Thanks xoxo #picoftheday

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