Trevor Donovan Serves “Brokeback” Realness In Instagram Cowboy Video

Save a horse ride a... you know the rest.

Eternal hottie and all-around dreamboat, Trevor Donovan has been smokin’ up social media again. This time it’s for his new role in the upcoming miniseries, Runaway Romance.

The three-part miniseries follows a “reality TV star leaves Hollywood and finds herself in Amish country where she must decide between staying in her newfound reality or returning to her old one,” according to the project’s IMDB page.

In Runaway Romance Donovan plays Hunter, and we’re guessing the reality TV star who flees to Amish country falls for him because duh.

This week the former 90210 star posted a video to Instagram where he is giving us Brokeback flashbacks, and someone better find us a rope because we’re about to put a lasso around this hunk.

To make sure you know that he is serious about his new country image he has even soundtracked the video with a Garth Brooks classic.

No Shania? We’ll let it slide… this time.

Do you like Country Music? #video #country #garthbrooks

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Can we please get him on Nashville as Will Lexington’s new boyfriend STAT?

If Donovan didn’t sell you enough on Runaway Romance did we mention that Tatum O’Neal is also co-starring in the miniseries?

#lifeofastrugglingactor with the very pretty @trevordonovan

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No word yet on when Runaway Romance will premiere but our DVR is already set.

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