Triumph & Disaster Combines Science And Nature For Products That Work

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Triumph & Disaster, a new line of men’s grooming products, is now available in the United States.  The brand was created by Dion Nash, a professional sportsman who played for the New Zealand cricket team and the Auckland Australian Football Team. After years of sun, sweat and shower products that weren’t up to snuff, Nash teamed with chemists to create a line of products designed for men who want to get the most from their grooming regimen.

The line, which gets its name from a Rudyard Kipling poem, strives to combine the most recent scientific advancements with the best natural ingredients for a complete head-to-toe grooming experience. For the body, there’s The Shearer’s Soap, which recalls Nash’s childhood job cleaning up after sheep shearers. For the face, there’s Rock & Roll Suicide, a rugged scrub made from volcanic ash and green clay that exfoliates and calms the skin. Triumph & Disaster also includes Old Fashioned Shave Cream, a rich blend of jojoba and horopito called Game Face, and a mild, nutrient-rich cleanser called Ritual Cleanser.

“My bathroom shelves are bursting with hair and face products,”  says barber and former high school wrestler Austin Klucker, “so I’m psyched to try this out.” After shaving, scrubbing his face and moisturizing he gave the products high marks. “The “Rock & Roll Suicide” Face Scrub is a rigorous exfoliant, but it leaves your skin soft, and the shave cream also leaves your shaving area nice and soft. And the Game Face Moisturizer feels like it nourishes your skin and makes it feel really healthy.”

See Austin using the products in the gallery above, photos courtesy of Jason Rowan.

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