Trixie Mattel and Katya Talk Stalkers and Stakeouts in “UNHhhh” Season 5 Sneak Peek

Because it's their show and not yours.

Living in the future is freaky. Just ask Trixie Mattel and Katya.

The superstar drag duo are back in their basement studio for a new season of their hit digital series UNHhhh. In a sneak peek of the upcoming episodes, Trixie and Katya discuss how weird it is living in the year 2020, which at one point seemed so far in the future that it would be filled with flying cars and space aliens.

“The horror of living to see the future is that you realize all of those things do come true but they are less shiny and more horrible,” Katya says, casually dropping some insightful truth bombs.

Talking about the future obviously leads to the Drag Race squirrel friends bringing up stalking exes and stakeouts in trees. “I like to stalk people,” Trixie confesses. Stalk us, mom!

After dozens of episodes you’d think Trixie and Katya would run out of things to talk about, but it seems like these queens’ stream-of-consciousness convos are never-ending.

Season 5 of UNHhhh premieres January 22 on WOW Presents Plus. Check out the sneak peek below.

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