Watch Trixie Mattel Deal With A Rowdy Cowboy Crowd In Her New Music Video

The country queen's new album, "Two Birds," is out now.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better than the cover art, Trixie Mattel—a.k.a Brian Firkus—has slipped into her finest cowboy boots for the first music video for her country album, Two Birds.

trixie smile

In the video for her debut single, “Mama Don’t Make Me Put On The Dress Again,” Firkus and Trixie find themselves at a country music show with a rowdy cowboy crowd hosted by Leslie Jordan and starring… puppets?

leslie jordan trixie

No, Jaymes Mansfield doesn’t make a cameo, but the two puppets resembling Trixie and her male alter-ego take center stage and entertain the crowd as Trixie (who plays a concessions queen) is fully entranced on what’s happening in the spotlight.

In the wings Firkus sings about heartache like a true country crooner, lamenting the life of always being on the road and going to sleep alone.

trixie alone

Does Firkus’ song quiet down the cowboys? Does Trixie find a new lease on life? Find out in the video for the new country classic below.

Two Birds is available now.

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