Trixie Mattel Remembers The First Drag Queen She Ever Saw

"I knew she was beautiful and I knew she wasn't a woman."

In a fun—and lengthy—new GQ profile, All Stars 3 contestant, Trixie Mattel, opens up and talks about her life as one of the most in-demand drag queens in America—and her rural beginnings growing up in Wisconsin.

Trixie—real name Brian Firkus—is from a “dead-end dirt road” in Wisconsin, and she didn’t have indoor plumbing until she was 12. But even growing up in the middle of nowhere Wisconsin didn’t stop baby Trixie from discovering drag.

In the interview, Ms. Mattel reveals that the first drag queen he ever saw was the glamazon of all glamazons, RuPaul, in the classic film, The Brady Bunch Movie.

“I knew she was beautiful and I knew she wasn’t a woman. I knew I probably wasn’t allowed to ask about it,” Trixie says.

In the 1995 adaptation of the beloved sitcom, Ru played Mrs. Cummings, the guidance counselor who delivers one of the film’s most memorable lines when at the end of a session she tells Jan (Jennifer Elise Cox) to “come back when you’re pregnant.”

The following year, RuPaul returned for A Very Brady Sequel where she gave Jan some more words of wisdom—and it was revealed that Mrs. Cummings was a mother to three daughters who had trouble getting along—just like Carol Brady.

We would gag if RuPaul ever made another appearance as Mrs. Cummings. Maybe for a Brady Bunch-themed challenge on an upcoming season of Drag Race?

RuPaul’s Drag Race All Stars Season 3 will premiere this winter on VH1.

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