Trixie Mattel Teams Up With Lavender Country in New “Stranger” Video

Proceeds from the single will benefit the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

In 1973 Patrick Haggerty’s band Lavender Country released what would become widely known as the “world’s first gay country album.”

Only 1,000 copies of Lavender Country were made back then, but thanks to word of mouth and a cult following, the record received a loving re-release in 2014—and now holds its rightful place in LGBTQ and music history. A short documentary, These C*cksucking Tears—named after one of the songs on the album—made its debut on Vimeo in 2016 after winning the jury prize at SXSW.

Jim Bennett/Getty Images

“To the uninitiated, Patrick Haggerty may seem like a man of stark contradictions,” wrote Vimeo’s Sam Morrill in an interview with Haggerty. “He is both fiercely opinionated and exceedingly tender. His story is larger than life, yet he lives humbly. He’s a country singer and he’s gay.”

Since then country music’s new crop of queer artists like Orville Peck and Trixie Mattel have paid tribute to Haggerty, by performing with him, and recording with him as Trixie did for her latest album, Barbara.

Trixie wrote six of the eight songs on the concept album; one of the other tracks, “Stranger,” is a touching cover of Lavender Country’s classic song, “I Can’t Shake the Stranger Out of You.”

The All Stars Season 3 winner has now released a music video for “Stranger,” which shows her and Haggerty in the studio, recording the cover together.

As if a new Trixie Mattel music video wasn’t enough, the charitable queen has announced that 100% of the proceeds from “Stranger” will go to the Marsha P. Johnson Institute.

Barbara might have seen Trixie exploring a new buzzy ’60s sound, but she will never forget her country music roots. Kick off your cowboy boots and watch the loving music video for “Stranger” below.

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