From Skinny Legend to Uncle Fester: Trixie Mattel “De-Drags” in New Video

"I look like an albino Bianca Del Rio."

“Wigs are a prison,” confesses Trixie Mattel.

Any drag queen knows truer words were never spoken, and Trixie should know best. In a new video for her Trixie Cosmetics makeup line, the All Stars winner does something a little different: Instead of showing her fans how she transforms into her drag persona, Trixie reveals how she removes her layers—and layers—of makeup.

“Getting it off is really like a science, because when you wear this much makeup you can really mess up your whole face,” Trixie says in the tutorial, adding that this is her “favorite makeup video to date” because she actually gets to take it all off.

Lindsey Byrnes

We are fascinated by her “de-dragging” but it’s when she is left with dark makeup around her eyes and starts quoting Uncle Fester from Addams Family Values that we really bow to our eternal queen.

“Being in drag is like… a slow torture,” says the Skinny Legend. Yes, honey, but we are gagged!

Watch the transformation in her new video below.

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