Trixie Mattel Invites You Into Her Living Room for “One Night Only”

The "Barbara" babe performs a set for her most captive audience yet.

Trixie Mattel’s most recent concert was held at a very exclusive location… her living room? The Barbara babe performed an intimate show titled “One Night Only,” a mix of music and comedy.

But before you become overwhelmed with FOMO, feel better knowing that the entire audience for “One Night Only” was made up of Trixie’s doll collection. V.I.D. (Very Important Dolls) only! It was her most captive crowd yet.

Not only does “One Night Only” show you how Trixie lives—and give you a peek at her massive doll collection—you also get to hear new songs from her upcoming album, Barbara, including “Malibu,” “Gold,” and “Jesse Jesse,” an ode to her celeb crush, Jesse Eisenberg.

According to the album’s press release, the first half of Barbara (the formal name of America’s most famous doll) will keep the ’60s electro-pop feel from the All Stars winner’s latest single, “Yellow Cloud,” while the second half will feature “country-tinged” songs reminiscent of her signature tracks from the iTunes chart-topping release Two Birds/One Stone.

If you were pissed Trixie didn’t invite you into her living room, you can still catch her in the flesh when she embarks on her North American Trixie Mattel: Grown Up tour in conjunction with Barbara’s release.

Grab your favorite doll and check out “One Night Only” below.

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