Trixie Mattel Travels to the Old West With Country “Video Games” Cover

Lana Del Rey? More like Lana Del SLAY.

Trixie Mattel opened up a beer and said get over here.

The All Stars winner and country queen hasn’t spent her entire quarantine just cooking things in Easy-Bake Ovens. She’s also picked up her guitar and learned some new songs, like Lana Del Rey’s 2011 moody single “Video Games.”

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VIDEO GAMES comes out next week!

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“During lockdown I have really enjoyed spending my time playing other artists’ songs,” Trixie wrote on her Instagram earlier this month. “’Video Games’ is an accidental bottom anthem and completely melodramatic—which is how I feel in 2020. A melodramatic bottom. Amen.”

Trixie finally released her cover of “Video Games,” and true to form, the drag legend serves major Orville Peck vibes, giving the tune a country-western twist. The video—directed by Nick Goldston—features Trixie strumming her trusty autoharp while clips from vintage western-themed video games are projected on the wall behind her.

The track is a perfect choice for Trixie, who is a gaymer and has raised thousands of dollars during her “Twitch Tuesdays,” where she livestreams herself playing video games for charities.

In a new feature with Consequence of Sound, the skinny legend revealed her inspirations for her re-interpretation, including Kill Bill Vol. 2 and Old West Pioneertowns: “In a gay male relationship, I have often felt like we are two cowboys taking ten paces before we shoot,” she explained. “Westerns have a strong agro-male energy but also a cinematic pageantry that really speaks to me as a homo. In my version of ’Video Games,’ you can hear the longing reverence.”

Do you like the bad girls, honey? Find out when you watch Trixie’s “Video Games” video below.

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