Take a Joyride to “2099” With Troye Sivan and Charli XCX’s New Track

The pop stars went back in time with "1999." Now they're looking toward the future.

Pop hitmaker Charli XCX has transported us to the future with “2099,” her latest collab with gay singer-songwriter Troye Sivan.

The track, an industrial-sounding cut with a slightly jarring, artfully discordant 30-second noise intro, is actually meant to be a feel-good anthem. Just take a look at these lyrics:

I pull up, roll up, fuck up
Fast like a Nascar, never touch us
Got visions, levels, they don’t get me
Quiet, no discussions, please hush
I pull up, roll up, fuck up
Don’t make decisions for me, you don’t know nothin’
I’m Pluto, Neptune, pull up, roll up, future, future

Count us in for the ride, baby.

“2099” is Charli XCX’s second collab with Sivan—and we’re assuming the title is a nod to “1999,” their nostalgic dance-pop single from last October.

It’s not the first time Charli XCX has teamed up with a queer musician. Earlier this summer, the pop singer got all wet with French singer Chris of Christine and the Queens in the music video for “Gone,” their bilingual collab. Oh là là!

She’s joined forces with Brazilian drag queen-slash-popstar Pabllo Vittar for “Flash Pose,” an upbeat single that practically begs to be blasted on the dancefloor. (Those two have been buddy-buddy for some time, too: Back in 2018, Charli XCX interviewed Vittar for Paper magazine’s Pride Month feature.) Charli also teamed with Kim Petras for her Pop 2 cut “Unlock It” in 2017.

Listen to “2099” below.

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