Troye Sivan Helped A Girl Come Out At His Concert And It Was Adorable


Australian pop star Troye Sivan made one girl’s dreams come true last night at his concert in Washington D.C.

The openly gay singer, who’s on tour promoting his newest album Blue Neighbourhood , took time out in the middle of his set to read a note from a girl, Kelly, to her mother, revealing that she is bisexual.

A video of the moment was captured on Sivan’s Twitter page:

This first video is obviously adorable as the crowd erupts into cheers and the singer runs over to Kelly to blow her a kiss, but the really impactful moment came later, when Kelly and her mother saw each other for the first time after the announcement.

Amidst the tears and laughter come a flurry of exuberant “I love yous” that pull right at our heartstrings.

The videos have both gone viral, with Kelly tweeting hours ago:

Congratulations Kelly and kudos to you Troye for helping a sister out!


H/T: BuzzFeed

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