Troye Sivan: Internet Chat Rooms Saved My Life

"I had an anonymous account on every gay forum there was."

Australian cherubic crooner Troye Sivan can usually be found throwing epic house parties or lusting after other boys in his Blue Neighborhood—but before he was an international pop star Sivan, like a lot of LGBT youth, could be found in gay chat rooms.

BURBANK, CA - FEBRUARY 09:  Troye Sivan performs on stage at iHeartRadio Theater on February 9, 2016 in Burbank, California.  (Photo by Rich Polk/Getty Images for iHeartMedia)

“I had an anonymous account on every gay forum there was,” said Sivan in a new Teen Vogue interview. “I used to make accounts and talk to people about my problems.”

The reveal makes sense for someone who came out online. Back in 2013 the “Wild” singer announced he was gay on YouTube at the age of 14. “I used to go on YouTube and search ’coming out,'” he explained. “That was something I did on almost a daily basis for a long time. I felt like I owed so much to that community and what I think is a sacred part of YouTube.”

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These days the internet can be full of trolls and fake news, but there is also a welcoming community for those who feel alone or scared—especially about their sexuality. “I don’t know what I would have done had I not found the Internet. I found a community of people who I really liked and who I felt got me.”

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And he described how even just watching a gay pride parade on YouTube made him feel better about himself:

“I remember the first time I ever watched footage of the pride parade… It formed who I am as a person. I always felt different in a lot of ways and didn’t really know how to express that. It just made me realize that there was potential for things to get better, and that’s what ended up pulling me through.”

Awww, we love when the internet helps someone! Even if the trolls did show up eventually… (JK)

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