“True Blood” (1.11) recaplet: To Love is to Bury

Sookie and Sam grow closer, Bill is a new daddy, Tara meets the freaky pig lady again (sans pig), Jason runs around in rain-soaked tighty whities … and we learn the identity of the killer, who strikes again!

It’s the next-to-last episode of True Blood and you can see all the craziness after the break!

We open with Bill and Pam in the woods, about to bury poor Jessica. You may remember that last week the vampire tribunal had kidnapped the meek, waifish girl, and after having fun playing "let’s scare Jessica to death" had decided to use her as fodder for Bill’s punishment.

Bill had never been a "maker" before, and it was decided that Jessica would be his first. Now, having bitten Jessica, drained her blood, and replaced it with his own, he was ready for the next step in transforming her into a vampire.

We learn (thanks to "Pam Exposition") that "once she’s planted in the earth, the transformation will begin. Tomorrow night, your little girl will rise a vampire." Bill is buried with her (it’s tradition) and he settles in for a long dirt nap.

The next night (obviously, after Bill had gone home, showered and washed his now clean clothes) he’s sitting next to the grave when Jessica squirms out of the hole, and starts screaming for help. Bill is taken aback, but tries his best to help her … which isn’t easy considering she’s the brattiest vampire since Kirsten Dunst.

As they walk through the woods he tries to explain to her what happened, but all she does is whine and complain, and at one point starts asking "why?" to every statement he makes. She tells him he "sucks" and then giggles about it, and when Bill tells her that her life as she knew it is gone she says "No more momma and daddy, little sister, belts, home schooling?" Instead of being horrified by this realization (as Bill expected) she shouts out "no more rules!" and celebrates.

These scenes might seem incredibly annoying, but they’re actually brilliantly realized. They want to show Bill (and us) that Jessica had risen from the grave a "newborn" (the only thing she could do is scream for help) and is acting out now as a toddler, throwing tantrums and whining when she doesn’t get her way. It’s going to be up to Bill to help guide her through vampire adolescence. But he might need some help …

Bill takes her and pays a visit to Eric, who is bemused with Bill’s difficulties with his "problem child". Bill asks Eric for help, not because he can’t handle it but because he needs to get back to Sookie. He tells Eric that he’ll be "in his debt, and return the favor" and Eric responds ominously "oh yes … you will."

Bill leaves baby Jessica (insert your own "down the well" joke here) in the capable hands of uncle Eric, and leaves to reunite with Sookie, but there’s a surprise waiting for him …

Sam and Sookie are at her house trying to piece together the puzzle of her vision (in last week’s episode, she was in the same room with the killer, and had a vision of his first victim). Sookie remembers that the victim was young and pretty, and was wearing an apron … and a name tag, like a waitress.

The next morning (after she ogles a shirtless Sam) Sookie realizes that she remembers more about the vision. The girl’s name was Cindy and she was definitely wearing a waitress uniform. Working together, Sookie and Sam conclude that she worked at the wonderfully named "Big Patty’s Pie House", and head off to find some answers.

At Big Patty’s they talk to an old timer who remembers Cindy Marshall and her murder. She moved into town with her brother Drew, and after the rumour spread that she was hanging around with vampires, she was killed. Drew disappeared right after the murder, and the police have never found any trace of him.

Sookie and Bill head over to the police station to try and find a photo of Drew, but after seeing her fang marks, the hostile cop on duty is in no mood to help out. Luckily, Sookie is able to "read" the cop’s secret thoughts, and when she threatens him with blackmail, he agrees to fax a copy of Drew’s picture over to the Bon Temp sheriff’s office.


Driving back, Sookie and Sam continue their flirtations, and she mentions that if Bill really cared about her, he would have been there to protect her against the killer, but "I guess vampire politics is more important". Yeah, whatever Sookie.


As they’re relaxing back at home watching … OMG … it looks like they’re watching … an analog TV. Don’t they know that in the United States, analog transmission will end on February 17, 2009 and transition to digital programming? Hurry, people!

As they sit on the couch, Sam tells her it was the best day of his life when she came in the bar looking for a job, and she blathers about "looking in his heart" … and then they kiss. Before they can go any further, Bill flies through the door and attacks Sam. As they grapple on the ground, Sookie screams for Bill to stop. She says "you left and I didn’t know if you were going to return, and then you attack the man who was protecting me? I rescind your invitation!"

Bill says "If you knew what I had done to return to you!", but with Sookie rescinding his invitation, he’s forced to leave. Sam tries to console her, but she brushes him off, saying "Sam, my living room’s wrecked, I have a killer, a vampire, and a shapeshifter on my plate. Right about now I’m not thinking about being with anybody!"

Meanwhile Tara is having problems of her own. She was driving home drunk when she swerved off the road to keep from hitting the freaky pig lady, and is now in trouble when a cop shows up. For some reason, the cop has trouble buying the story of the naked woman and the Paul Bunyan hog, and arrests Tara for drunk driving.

She’s visited in jail by her mother, but it’s not to bail her out. Lettie has decided to try a little "tough love" and won’t help her. Tara tells her (rightfully so) that after all that Lettie put her through as a child, and after all that Tara has done for her as an adult, she has no right to deny her help. But Lettie is doing the "Christian" thing, which means disowning her daughter. Tara is suitably pissed.

Things might be looking up, though, when she finds out her bail has been posted by a mysterious stranger. The good samaritan is named Ro Laren freaky pig lady Maryann Forrester and her motives for helping Tara out are a bit … sketchy.

Tara asks if she’s some kind of social worker, and Maryann says "sort of". She helps out people in Tara’s position, and is well known in the jail for providing assistance to those are down on their luck. She invites Tara to stay to stay at her house to get things sorted out, and after some initial reluctance, Tara agrees.

Outside, they get into her car (a cherry red convertible) and after Tara apologizes for being "all dirty", Maryann says "that’s okay, sometimes I get dirty too". They pull up to Maryann’s "halfway house" … which turns out to be a huge mansion, and Tara is dumbstruck as she and Maryann head inside.

Lafayette is watching TV (and painting his toenails) when a news report about Senator Finch comes on the screen. Finch (who has been seeing Lafayette for some nookie and V juice) is giving a speech at a right wing fundraiser when he says "vampires are taking our jobs and our women, and their very blood turns our children into addicts, drug dealers, and homosexuals. No vampire, and no vampire loving deviate deserves any rights at all!" Um … Big mistake.

Of course, this fires up Lafayette (and there’s nothing on this show better than a fired up Lafayette) and he shows up later at one of Finch’s appearance to read him the riot act. Dressed in a suit with no makeup or headgear, he strikes an even more imposing figure than before, and he gently but firmly tells the Senator that "many things can happen to bring down a fine person such as yourself, you might want to be careful".

And now we come to Jason and Amy. Last week Jason decided to let poor Eddie go, but was thwarted by Amy, who plunged a wooden board into Eddie’s heart.

This week we pick up with the both of them knee deep in Eddie’s bloody gunk, and screaming at each other. "Yankee bitch!" "Dumb effing hillbilly!". Amy insists she had no choice, and is somehow able to convince Jason not to let Eddie’s lower intestines come between them.

Jason destroys the remaining V juice before leaving for work, and lets it slip that Amy is heavy into into using it during his conversation with the road crew, Hoyt and … Rene.

Back at home he and Amy reconcile over dinner, but Amy has a surprise for him; there’s one last drop of V left, and she wants the two of them to share it, to bring their experience "full circle" before swearing off it forever. Jason is angry at first, but eventually agrees, and the two of them have one final trippy sex scene.

Their final sex hallucination is a doozy, with them waking up in a rain soaked bed, only to find that the bedroom is in the middle of a grassy field. They start running around in the rain (with Jason just in tighty whities), but as they’re frolicking, the killer has come into the house and discovered their sleeping bodies.

He takes off his belt, and as he chokes the life out of Amy we get my favorite scene in the episode, as the dream world Jason throws the dream world Amy into the air, and she … just keeps going, higher and higher until she’s just a speck in the sky, then disappears completely.

Jason wakes up, and when he realizes that Amy is dead calls 911, and tells them to come over. When Andy and the sheriff question him at the station, Jason says he doesn’t remember anything, but he must be guilty because women keep dying all around him. He tells them "I don’t want to hurt anybody else, so lock me up"

As they’re carting Jason off to his cell, the episode ends with a fax coming in from the other police station. It’s the picture of Drew Marshall that Sookie wanted, and it turns out to be a young and very hunky … Rene!

Well, it’s not a big surprise, really (especially because someone e-mailed me a few weeks ago and said "guess what? The killer is Rene!"), but I can’t wait to see how it plays out.

A few random thoughts:


Sookie worked my last nerve tonight.

I think my favorite character out of all them is Terry, who comes on screen just to say something off-the-wall, then disappears again. Tonight it was "I can’t listen to politicians anymore, they give me seizures."

I LOVE this freaky pig lady. Maybe it’s because I also love the fabulous Michelle Forbes, but I’m really looking forward to what they do with her. My guess is she’s some kind of witch, or succubus … or maybe she’s just a freaky pig lady.


We’d like to hear your thoughts on this episode, and what predictions you might have for next week’s season finale!

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