Watch True Blood’s Joe Manganiello Work Out Shirtless. You Might Want a Towel…

True Blood returns to TV this coming Sunday night for Season 4. And no one is happier than all of us in gaydom, as it’s been too long since we’ve had regular doses of sexed up Ryan Kwanten, Alexander Skarsgard and Joe Manganiello strutting around our TVs in weekly increments.

Meanwhile, watch the video below (Thank you, Details!) of Joe Manganiello doing the “werewolf workout.” It’s just, well, ridiculous and sublime. He’s shirtless, jacked, and talking about making himself “more sinewy… more animalistic…” (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) By the time he gets to the part where he says something about “smell-tracking” someone, my own nostrils were flared and I was trying to inhale my monitor. (Via

I mean, could you die????

After the jump, a True Blood trailer, and then a clip of me trying to coherently interview Joe after he won the much-much-much-much deserved ’Cause You’re Hot award at this past spring’s NewNowNext Awards.

Happy Werewolf Pride!

Here’s a True Blood Season 4 Trailer…

And… Me attempting to form words in the presence of Alcide. Gasp!

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And here are two more Joe shots. Just ’cuz…

Joe in this month’s GQ. In a swimsuit. With an almost naked lady. On a boat. Hmph.

And could anybody wear a nubby sweater better? Simple answer: Nope.

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