‘True Blood’ Power Rankings: Episode 3


This season of True Blood is turning out to be the best yet even though we are really only seeing the vampires. There is no doubt more wolves and shape shifting antics lie ahead, but for now we are enjoying the struggle between Bill and Eric and the Authority. Oh, and that whole touching Pam and Eric relationship.

To the rankings…

1. Vampires: Hot Mess Edition: What can we say, the lovable losers have finally won us over. Sure Tara is suicidal and Jessica is turning into her normal whiny self, but Pam’s general awesomeness is saving it all. That being said, we cannot believe that a show that is so sexually charged refused to show the sex scene between the two most sexual characters, Pam and Eric. Or show the sex scenes between Eric and Bill and Salome. Is True Blood becoming PG on us? Regardless, everyone seems safe and assuming Bill and Eric don’t get staked by their fun new toys, we feel like the Hot Mess Team could be reunited in just a few short episodes.

2. Vampires: Authority Edition: Roman is turning out to be somewhat softer than we expected and the relationship between him and Salome seems destined to cause some major problems down the road. We are already seeing how idiots Bill and Eric will be able to find a way to bring him down, maybe even with the help of Russell. It is good to reunite with people you once attempted to kill.

3. Fairies: Sookie got her magical powers on for a second this week. Happy Pride!

4. Wolves: We had kind of forgotten about Debbie, but it seems her parents have not. Either way, Alcide seemed to take the whole murder of his ex in stride proving he really, really, really wants to get Sookie in the sack. Hey, single girls got needs too.