Trump Doesn’t Issue Pride Proclamation for Second Year

Homeowners and the ocean got a nod. LGBT people, not so much.

For the second year running, there will be no pride month proclamation from President Donald Trump.

Just like last year, Trump has declared June National Homeownership Month, National Ocean Month, Great Outdoors Month, and National Caribbean-American Heritage Month, but has left the LGBT community off the list.

Mark Wilson/Getty Images

The pride month proclamation was first issued by former President Bill Clinton, in 1999. President George W. Bush did not continue the practice, but it was picked back up by President Barack Obama.

The Trump administration’s actions have so far been hostile to the LGBT community: Siding with so-called “religious liberty” laws that undercut rights such as marriage equality, rescinding transgender student rights, and attempting to keep trans soldiers out of the military.

Trump has also appointed a series of judges and Cabinet members with anti-LGBT records, and he fired the remaining members of the HIV/AIDS council after a number of the members quit in protest.

“Pride Month is an opportunity to celebrate the vast contributions LGBTQ Americans have made to our society, to honor the generations of leaders and activists who have fought for equality, and to rededicate ourselves to the work that remains,” Democratic National Committee chair Tom Perez, and LGBTQ Caucus members Earl Fowlkes, Henry Munoz, William Derrough, and Jason Rae said in a joint statement.

“Under President Obama, our nation continued its long march toward LGBTQ equality. We ended Don’t Ask Don’t Tell and we fought for transgender equality in schools, military service, health care, and public accommodations. Today, hospitals receiving Medicare or Medicaid funds must extend visitation rights to LGBTQ patients. Across the country, violence against LGBTQ individuals can now be prosecuted as federal hate crimes. And of course, marriage equality is now the law of the land,” they continued.


“We’ve made incredible progress for LGBTQ rights, and we’ve seen LGBTQ candidates achieve historic victories up and down the ballot. But LGBTQ Americans still face hurdles to equality across our society – from bathrooms to bakeries to the ballot box. Every day, Republicans in Congress, the White House, and at the state and local level are trying to turn back the clock on LGBTQ rights.”

“It is clear that failing to recognize Pride Month is intentional, just as it was last year,” Human Rights Campaign President Chad Griffin told NBC News. “Trump and Pence are obsessed with erasing us. But we will not be erased, and in November, the White House is due for a rude awakening on their blatant discrimination.”

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