Former Navy Secretary: Trump’s Trans Military Ban Is the “Dumbest Government Policy”

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Former Navy Secretary Ray Mabus took some major digs at Donald Trump’s transgender military ban, reports The Hill.

At yesterday’s Veterans in Global Leadership event in Washington, D.C., Mabus answered questions about the controversial policy more than a year after the president announced his plans via Twitter. “[It] strikes me as the dumbest government policy you could possibly pursue, and it weakens us and hurts our military,” he said, not sugarcoating his opinions.


Mabus, who served as Navy Secretary under Barack Obama from 2009-2017, recalled that the previous policy allowing trans people to serve openly was enacted because “overall it would be a positive thing.”

“It worries me that we have a president who makes decisions by whim and by tweet about how we’re going to use our military,” he said. “To have [our policy] reversed in a tweet with no evidence, no thought, nothing, it’s breaking faith with the people who are willing to serve.”

The former naval leader was known for his progressive stances, supporting the fight to repeal the military’s anti-gay “Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell” policy during his tenure.

“I have this notion, that if you can do a job, the only qualification to get that job ought to be the ability to do the job,” he added. “Color or race or ethnicity or gender or who you love, or what your sexual identity is ought to be irrelevant. Who cares?”

Right now, the de facto ban is keeping most trans troops out of service with bureaucratic red tape despite repeated attempts from federal courts to block it.

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