Tucker Carlson Won’t Apologize for Misogynistic Rants

He also defended child rapist Warren Jeffs while inaccurately defining his crimes.

Fox News pundit Tucker Carlson is refusing to apologize after Media Matters resurfaced audio and transcripts from a series of appearances he made on the shock jock radio show Bubba the Love Sponge.


The audio spans the years 2006 to 2011, and sees the conservative talking head downplaying and mischaracterizing the crimes of convicted child rapist Warren Jeffs, who not only facilitated marriages between underage girls and adult men, but was also accused by three of his nephews of raping them when they were children, and was convicted in 2011 of marrying and sexually assaulting two girls, one aged 12 and one aged 15.

“He’s in prison because he’s weird and unpopular and has a different lifestyle that other people find creepy,” Carlson said of Jeffs.

“I am not defending underage marriage at all. I just don’t think it’s the same thing exactly as pulling a child from a bus stop and sexually assaulting that child,” he went on.

“The rapist, in this case, has made a lifelong commitment to live and take care of the person, so it is a little different.”

Carlson also advocated arguing with women in order to “get them going,” and said feminists need to be told to “be quiet and kind of do what you’re told,” and added that women are “extremely primitive” and “basic.”

On that same appearance, he called Alexis Stewart, a television and radio host and daughter of Martha Stewart, “cunty.” He followed that up by saying he “wanted to give her the spanking she so desperately needs.”

Speaking of spanking, he also summed up to his debate performance against Michael Moore as the following: “I spanked Michael Moore like a bad little girl.”

Of Supreme Court Justice Elena Kagan he said, “I feel sorry for unattractive women. I mean, it’s nothing they did, you know. Nobody deserves that. And men are just mean.”

And he called Hillary Clinton “anti-penis,” continuing that “you look at Hillary and you know in your heart that if she could castrate you, she would.”

Amid calls for Tucker to be fired, and a campaign to get advertisers to drop their commercials from his program, he is remaining defiant, calling his remarks merely “naughty.”

Plenty on Twitter were quick to correct him:

While Fox has distanced itself from another one of its hosts, Jeanine Pirro, for asking if Congresswoman Ilhan Omar’s Islamic religious beliefs violated the U.S. Constitution, it has so far declined to comment on Carlson’s statements.

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