Tuesday's Big Moment: The "Glee" Kiss We'd Been Waiting For Between Kurt and Blaine!

Finally! The lovable gay glee-sters caved in to the kiss we KNEW they wouldn’t be able to resist for much longer on Thursday’s Glee episode ’Original Song.’ It took long enough for Blaine to get over his ’you’re not boyfriend material’ barrier and unleash his attraction to Kurt from deep inside. How precious it was that Kurt’s rendition of “Blackbird,” in memory of his bird’s death, sparked the heat that made their lips meet!

Watch Tuesday’s “Glee” here (kissing scene begins at 17:30):

So now Glee’s upbeat performances and high school drama is ever more irresistible. That bold and honest love confession from dashing Blaine and Kurt’s passionately latching hand that brought their faces closer will have viewers swooning for quite some time. It was REAL ROMANCE, baby. Yes Glee episodes dazzle and sparkle each week, but AfterElton’s episode breakdown highlighted how ’the kiss’ is proof that gay presence on television has come a long way.

So can we expect more gay make outs on prime time TV? Well with Glee “raising the bar” for gay inclusiveness on TV we can only hope!

P.S. That Darren Criss is a busy boy. He’s also up for a 2011 NewNowNext Award for Brink of Fame Actor. Tune to that showstravaganza on April 11 on Logo to see if Darren puckers up to that prize as well!