Turning Back Time: 66 Reasons Why We Love Cher

The force of nature known as Cher turns 66 today, and is about to celebrate her 50th year in show business. As tribute, lets take a look at a few of the reasons why she’s remained an icon for decades.

Take a look at these 66 moments in time … and then add your own. What’s your favorite Cher memory?

1. – She knows how to dress like a serious actress.

2. – She’s earned soft lighting.

3.She gives great interview.

4. – “You are physically repulsive, intellectually retarded, you’re morally reprehensible, vulgar, insensitive, selfish, stupid, you have no taste, a lousy sense of humor and you smell.”

5.Suspect. She’s the only public defender in screen history who could rock a leather jacket and Windmere hair crimper.


7.Mask 2

8. – She’s immortalized in Comic form.

9. – And some of us couldn’t get enough.

10. – She starred in one of the greatest films of the 80’s.

11. – We love her friends.

12. – She was front and center to root for her son.

13. – “Welcome To Burlesque.”

14.The Witches Of Eastwick

15. – Imitated but never duplicated.

16. – She doesn’t suffer fools.

17.She gives great interview, part 2

18. – She’s “Hell on Wheels,” and skates into a photoshoot for After Dark

19. – She received the ultimate tribute.

20. – She’s kept in touch with her Bagel Boy.

21.“Song For The Lonely”

22 – 28. Cher and Bob Mackie, the greatest collaboration in fashion history.


30.“The Shoop Shoop Song”

31.David Geffen. She loves her gays (sometimes literally)

32. – She gave us the word “Infomercial”

33.“Take Me Home”


35. – She helped put Studio 54 on the map (here with the mighty real Sylvester.)

29. – Her Oscar-nominated performance in Silkwood

30.“Gypsies, Tramps, and Thieves”

31. – She survived Val Kilmer’s Mega-Mullet

32. – She’s been dollified countless times.

33. – And brought joy to special people.

34.Tea With Mussolini

35.“I Found Someone”

36. – She updated a classic with two 90’s icons.

37.“Half Breed”

38. – She helped those meddling kids.

39. – She out Meatloafs Meatloaf in “Dead Ringer For Love.”

40. – Her directorial debut in If These Walls Could Talk.

41.Warren Beatty. We forgive her.

42.“We All Sleep Alone”

43 – 49. More Bob Mackie realness.


51.“Dark Lady”

52. – She was the original cougar.

53.“Just Like Jesse James.”

54. – She knows how to present an award.

55. – Don’t mess with her kid!

56.“Love & Understanding”

57.Richie Sambora. Now that’s more like it.

58.“After All”

59.“Cher’s Hollywood footprint ceremony typically low-key, with a busload of Chilean miners and a turquoise G-string.”

60.“If I Could Turn Back Time.”

61. – Her one-woman West Side Story, one of the greatest fever dreams in TV history.


63.And the Oscar that went with it.

64. – She taught us all how to believe in life after love.

65.You haven’t seen the last of her.

66. – Because …

After the nuclear apocalypse, only two things will remain: cockroaches … and Cher.

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