TV on Tap: Adam Levine Doesn’t Hate America and is “Mad Men” Getting Ready for the Stonewall Riots?


Showtime is developing a drama about a Venice Beach gym in the 1970s, Pump, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The show would have Arnold Schwarzenegger as a producer and in a recurring role. Couldn’t they just remake Shaping Up instead?

Yeah, if you felt the need to call out Adam Levine for muttering, “I hate this country.” in response to an audience vote that Levine disagreed with on The Voice, you need to work on your understanding of context. Regardless, Levine has issued a clarifying statement.

Adam Levine from "The Voice"At least I got a reason to look through pictures of Adam Levine

Amazon has ordered its first original series, after making the pilots available for people to watch and judge for themselves. The new series includes the John Goodman comedy Alpha House, Silicon Valley sitcom Betas along with children’s series Annebots, Creative Galaxy and Tumbleaf. Sadly, the Cheyenne Jackson-starring Onion News Empire didn’t make the cut.

Last week’s Mad Men had Megan wearing a t-shirt similar to one worn by Sharon Tate. (You might find the picture of Tate at the link NSFW.) Does it mean the current Mrs. Draper is doomed?

Speaking of Mad Men foreshadowing, could new guy Bob be a gay man setting up Mad Men’s take on Stonewall?

James Wolf from "Mad Men"You know, I was just wondering why we haven’t found
a similar excuse to change the topic to James Wolk thighs?

This year, CBS is moving Big Brother After Dark from Showtime to the former TV Guide Network, TVGN. The new home is seen as a better fit for the show– unlike Showtime with all its highbrow programming like Gigolos. I guess this basic cable version will be censored if some fool houseguest decides to flash the camera.

With news of MSNBC falling to fourth place in the cable news ratings, Salon’s Alex Pareene tries to put the development in context. At the moment, the news cycle is working against the channel. HLN, which does well from sensational true crime stories, is enjoying a boost from the Jodi Arias trial. CNN is still the channel people turn to during breaking news, meaning it has benefited from events like the Boston Marathon bombing and tornado devastation in Oklahoma — even if viewers have tuned in for cringe-inspiring moments. Fox News viewers are getting worked up about attaching “scandal” to different developments. Basically, Pareene says MSNBC is suffering because every major news story is something that makes the typical MSNBC viewer roll their eyes in disinterest.

Chris Hayes Too bad, Chris Hayes regularly finds a way to cover even insubstantial stories with substance.

In quiet cancellation news, ABC has confirmed that The Glass House won’t get a second season and Comedy Central has cancelled Ugly Americans.

The success of Animal Planet’s mermaid hoax/specials leads Vulture to wonder if mermaids are TV’s next trendy supernatural creature? Only if there are mermen to bring equal opportunity objectification.


Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
The redemption of Nick continues as he makes an admission to Gabi. I’m keeping my fingers crossed we’re finally going to find out the secret behind the flashbacks that bring out Nick’s disturbed face.

Chopped (Food Network) 9:00 PM ET
If you thought it was cruel for Pinterest users to make the chefs use fresh durian (excuse me, I feel the sudden urge to cackle like I were watching Scandal) how about gathering chefs who’ve recently lost weight and are focusing on healthy cooking and giving them an appetizer basket with a fatty protein?

Hannibal (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
Will’s grasp on sanity is so strained he’s starting to hallucinate monsters under his bed. Unfortunately, he’s not also hallucinating himself a tiger buddy so he has someone to talk about his problems.

Hannibal, "Buffet Froid"Also on Hannibal, watch for an appearance by John Benjamin Hickey

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) 10:00 PM ET
Tonight’s chat features After Earth’s Will and Jaden Smith, Bradley Cooper and Heather Graham of The Hangover III and Michael Douglas to discuss Behind the Candelabra. That’s a guest list that has me imagining Lemony Snicket putting a bag in a bowl and stirring it thoroughly. Meanwhile, tonight’s musical guest is Selena Gomez.

Tabatha Takes Over (Bravo) 10:00 PM ET
Tabatha takes over her first cafe, a California eatery owned by a volatile woman who treats her staff poorly. I guess that makes this episode the anti-Hell’s Kitchen?

Totally Biased with W. Kamau Bell (FX) 11:00 PM ET
Instead of the usual interview, this week’s installment offers a debate between Jezebel’s Lindy West and frequent Opie & Anthony guest Jim Norton. It’s billed as a debate between a comedian and a feminist — meaning Kamau has to pick a side as a comedian and a feminist. So I guess they’ll be surprised when West also turns out to be funny?

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Ellen gets a visit from her pal Wanda Sykes tomorrow.

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