TV on Tap: A Potential “Downton Abbey” Departure, Brenda Song is “New Girl”‘s New Girl and the Beekman Boys Bake Cookies for the “Amazing Race” Competitors

I guess ABC doesn’t worry about Apartment 23 mocking Dancing with the Stars with these ratings.


Over at the website for their farm, Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge write a thank-you post to The Amazing Race team along with pictures of gingerbread cookies inspired by their Amazing Race competitors. There’s something encouraging about the sight of Brent’s imperfect icing.

Speaking of The Amazing Race, Jaymes has set up a website to take donations for his father’s battle against cancer.

Deadline adds to the story about that remake of The Saint that’s in the works. Eliza Dushku has joined the pilot as a love interest for the lead character.

Brenda Song is heading to a recurring role on New Girl according to EW. I’m more than a little mixed about the news, I like Song, I like that she’ll be playing a love interest for Winston — but I hoped we would see more of her on Scandal.

Well, great. TVLine is reporting that Dan Stevens will probably leave Downton Abbey in the upcoming fourth season. Of course, they could make up for the loss by giving Thomas a hot love interest who sticks around more than a few episodes.

In sad news, We Love Soaps reports that legendary soap producer Paul Rauch died at the age of 78. Rauch was polarizing to the kind of soap fans who paid enough attention to know the names of soap opera producers (I was on the positive side of the fence but still on the fence), but his long career certainly had an impact on the genre. We wish his family the best in this difficult time.

A Public Policy Polling study finds that Stephen Colbert has the most support — especially among independents and democrats, who PPP argues Governor Nikki Haley needs to impress for her next election — to take over Jim DeMint’s Senate seat.


Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Camille Grammer visits today to talk about her life since divorcing Kelsey. This sounds kinda unbearable until I remember it’s “True Crime Tuesday” and that would have made a great excuse to bring out Camille’s Medium pal who chain smokes the e-cigarettes.

The New Ricki Lake Show  (syndicated) Check local listings
Ricki continues to remember her queer fanbase today by exploring the stories of transgender youth and what its like to tell the story of dealing with gender identity at a young age. In addition to her trans guests, Ricki talks with a physician who specializes in caring for transgender and gender-nonconforming youth.

The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
New York week continues with visits from Andy Cohen, Smash’s Anjelica Huston, Person of Interest’s Taraji P. Henson along with Amazing Race champions Josh Kilmer-Purcell and Brent Ridge. (We’ll have our own interview with them later today.)

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
Sonny finally learns all about the fake-not-fake stalker drama that the straight teens (Tad possibly excepted) of Salem were facing a few months ago and is shocked, shocked to learn about the kind of things these Salem kids are up to. We’ll be following it all with a liveblog, so be sure to be here starting at 1PM Easter!

I Love Jenni Marathon (Mun2) starting at 6:00 PM ET
I missed yesterday’s marathon, but Mun2 is remembering Latin singer Jenni Rivera with a marathon run of her reality shows and specials. (Mun2 is also dedicating its music programs to Rivera.)

Raising Hope (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
The Chance family goes Doomsday Preppers as the Mayan calendar approaches its end. Thankfully, Virginia isn’t one of those people who thinks she can succeed by finding a financing deal that doesn’t ask for payment until 2013. Instead she’s relying extreme couponing to survive the apocalypse. I hope this means some well-earned mockery of TLC programming.

Happy Endings (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
While most of the gang is dealing with the arrival of ma and pa Kirkovich (so we get to see if all of Jane’s craziness really is a family trait or if she just uses them as an excuse for her craziness), Max takes a look at Penny’s blooming relationship with Pete and decides it’s time to find a new BFF. Can I suggest he call up Derek?

New Girl (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
It’s a whirlwind of holiday parties for Jess and the gang, and amid all the wacky award situations Winston… gets a cranberry stuck in his ear? Oh New Girl, there’s still one character you’re clearly struggling to figure out.

Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 (ABC) 9:30 PM ET
Hey, ABC is suddenly burning off the episodes from season one it never aired. I have no idea if that’s a good sign or not. (Eh, it’s still probably the next Better Off Ted, except with no Daleks in the basement.) Anyway, it’s time for James to make his Dancing with the Stars debut. Considering that the real DWTS has included Bristol Palin in a gorilla costume, Steve Wozniak doing the worm and Marie Osmond playing a rag doll, it’s going to take a lot of creativity for this B—- to come up with something too crazily over-the-top to imagine happening on DWTS for real.

Chopped (Food Network) 10:00 PM ET
First I read that the appetizer baskets included ice cream cones and crab meat, and I thought that sounded challenging. Then I found out that the entrees will include energy drinks — how do you incorporate the flavor of St. Joseph’s children’s aspirin? And a dessert with carob syrup and spaghetti squash? Uhboy.

Leverage (TNT) 10:00 PM ET
Over the seasons, Leverage lost me from a few too many sloppily-plotted capers. However, since tonight’s episode might be the beginning of a story arc meant as a wrap-up to the series, I might give it a last chance.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Andy’s joined by Bethenny Fankel.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

Tomorrow’s Preview

Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Sharon Osbourne returns the favor of Anderson showing up on Monday’s The Talk by co-hosting his show Wednesday.

Live! with Kelly & Michael (syndicated) Check local listings
Tomorrow’s show brings Alan Cumming, Anne Hathaway and Ashanti.

The Rachael Ray Show (syndicated) check local listings
Tomorrow’s show has Kyan Douglas and a double feature of John Gidding.

The New Ricki Lake Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Ricki looks at how couples deal with changing gender roles with women becoming the breadwinner of the family. Why are we still discussing this, is Mr. Mom still a hit in theaters? 

The View (ABC) Check local listings
Tomorrow is Downton Abbey day, with Rob James-Collier, Hugh Bonneville, Jim Carter, Brendan Coyle, Joanne Froggatt, Sophie McShera and Elizabeth McGovern.

The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
Can it be? Alan Cumming’s got two talk shows tomorrow. The Talk also welcomes Jason Mraz.


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