TV on Tap: Aguilera Might Double Judging Duties, Syfy Orders More “Face Off” and Zooey Deschanel’s Effect on Pilot Season

Max Blum, Fiona Gallagher this guy has been keeping busy with the Chicago singles.



Vulture reports a rumor that NBC is thinking of expanding The Voice to air twice a year. However, since Adam Levine, Blake Shelton and Cee-Lo Green can’t commit to that kind of schedule, there may be two sets of judges — with Christina Aguilera sitting in her swivel chair for both the fall and winter versions. The rumor is fueled by the news that Aguilera has signed on for a third season that might air in the fall. Then again, since Fox is looking for celebrity judges to join the second season of The X Factor this could be an attempt to play three-dimensional chess and make those new judges more expensive for Fox.

The TV networks are developing plenty of remakes as potential series, but ABC just decided to go ahead with one of those as a series. Mistresses, an adaptation of the British soap, will air in the summer.

In addition to Kelly Clarkson, Blake Shleton and Miranda Lambert, there was one more person performing “America the Beautiful” and the National Anthem at the Super Bowl. Rachel Mazique, Miss Deaf America, performed ASL versions but NBC didn’t show her on TV and now people in the deaf community are angry at NBC over the omission.

The Anne Heche comedy pilot Save Me just added two to its cast with the addition of seductive American Horror Story maid Alexandra Breckenridge and the ridiculously handsome Michael Landes. I’ve watched terrible shows (namely The Wedding Belles) because of Landes’ presence, so Save Me just got a bigger spot on my radar.

Syfy has already ordered a third season of the reality competition Face Off. So far, the second season has improved on the ratings of the first.

I don’t care if its not a fairy tale, Once Upon a Time is getting ready to take on my favorite childhood story (or the first half of it). Now I’m going to spend the day annoying my partner by trying to work “brillig” into sentences.

An Iowa woman is accused of trying to blackmail TLC into canceling 19 Kids and Counting, the reality show starring the conservative Duggar family.

ABC has ordered a comedy pilot starring Mandy Moore. I thought Moore was great in Scrubs and was excited at the news until I learned that the project was written by people who gave us Traffic Light and Notes from the Underbelly.

Is there a “Zooey Effect” to this year’s pilot season? Thanks to the success of New Girl more film actors are willing to consider committing to a TV show, especially since Zooey Deschanel hasn’t lost any indie cred for starring in a sitcom. Deadline has already reported that networks are trying to get James Marsden, Justin Long among others for this season.


The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Nate’s getting a visit from Suze Orman who will give out her financial advice for 2012.

Person to Person (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
The current remake mania comes to CBS News as Lara Logan and Charlie Rose try to step into Edward R. Murrow’s shoes in interviews with George Clooney, Jon Bon Jovi and Warren Buffett.

Suburgatory (ABC) 8:30 PM ET
Tessa may enjoy how she’s making Dalia jealous by dating Scott Strauss, but she’s also realizing that she has more reason to be dating him. However, that may come to a halt when George discovers a pack of condoms among her things. Considering the way George reacted the last time he learned Tessa owned condoms, I’m getting ready for this show to revamp into Ruralgatory. (Or maybe, this time, he’ll realize he raised a daughter who is smart and mature enough to make a well-informed choice when it comes to becoming sexually active.)

Modern Family (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
We already know that Mitchell isn’t one to pass a chance at reliving childhood frustrations, so what happens when he and Cameron move into Jay’s house while their home is fumigated? This is going to be a disaster. Meanwhile, Phil tries to impress his new business partner (Greg Kinnear) who seems to already be impressed with Claire’s looks. (For you West Coasters, Ariel Winter will be live tweeting the episode starting at 9PM PT.)

Supah Ninjahs (Nick) 8:30 PM ET
Two episodes in one week? Nick truly is burning off this show. Someday a TV channel will find a good use for George Takei’s ability to drop a one-liner. Maybe tonight’s episode will give Hologramps more than a few good lines as an evil psychiatrist tries to turn the Ninjas evil.

Happy Endings (ABC) 9:30 PM ET
There was a big squee heard all around the gay world when ABC let slip that James Wolk would be playing Max’s ex-boyfriend for a story arc beginning with the Valentine’s Day episode. It’s finally here as Max encounters the guy he dumped last Valentine’s Day as Penny tries to figure out how to dump her boyfriend and Dave tries to avoid getting dumped, himself. (Eliza Coupe and Damon Wayans, Jr. will also be live tweeting this episode starting at 9:30 PM PT.)

Face Off (Syfy) 10:00 PM ET
The judges table get a dose of adorable tonight as Sam Huntington shows up to judge a werewolf-wound foundation challenge. I hope no one gets mixed up and tries to create the emotional scars created by the injured puppy looks Huntington regularly delivers on Being Human.

Hot in Cleveland (TV Land) 10:00 PM ET
Johnny Revere (Huey Lewis) is back in Cleveland to record a charity song, prompting Victoria to take a trip down memory lane over their relationship.

Law & Order: SVU (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
For those of you who miss watching the amazing Roxy during the Kish days of One Life to Live (she was still around afterwards but that required watching scenes with the gah-awful Rex) iconic soap performer Ilene Kritsen makes an appearance in tonight’s episode.

Revenge (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
As the Greyson divorce intensifies, Victoria works to turn Conrad’s father (William Devane) against her future ex-husband. When I heard Devane would be playing Conrad’s dad, I thought his arrival would signify the tide turning against Victoria, but apparently she’s able to wrap Greg Sumner around her finger (I bet she can do it more convincingly than that Paige Matheson, too).

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Andy will be chatting with Padma Lakshmi and funnyman Michael Showalter.

The Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson (CBS) 12:35 AM ET
Craig’s guest list tonight has Christina Applegate and Brad Goreski. Let’s hope this makes up for the lack of It’s a Brad Brad World this week.

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The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated) Check local listings
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