TV on Tap: Betty White Books an Appearance on “The Client List,” the End is Near for “Fringe” and “L.A. Complex”‘s Unusual Ratngs

It’s always good to mix the phrase “nerd fave” with Supernatural.


TV Guide talks to Gethin Anthony, who plays Game of Thrones’s Renly Baratheon, where he discusses the challenges of filming that shaving scene, the politics of Renly’s struggle and his relationship with Loras.

Fringe fans can let out a sigh of relief. Fox has renewed the struggling sci-fi series for a final 13-episode season.

Chloe Sevigny is in final negotiations to appear in the second season of American Horror Story. Sevigny is being considered for a role named “Shelly the Nymphomaniac“, a rival to Jessica Lange’s character. It sounds like Lange is going to be pretty embattled since Lizze Brochere’s character was also described as a nemesis to Lange’s character.

Lifetime is planning to air a reality TV mini-series in June, The Week the Women Went that follows a small town in South Carolina after all the adult women are extracted, leaving the men to take care of themselves without any help.

Betty White will appear on the season finale of The Client List as a woman whose husband is a client at the massage parlor with a secret menu.

When Pretty Little Liars returns we’re going to meet Maya’s cousin Nathan, who will be played by Vampire Diaries alum Sterling Sulieman. Nathan is a law student, which will undoubtedly be useful in Rosewood.

TV Land has ordered 12 more episodes of Happily Divorced, expanding the comedy’s second season to 24 episodes.

Here’s one more show to go on the list of UK programs I wish would come stateside — ITV has ordered The Job Lot, a comedy set in a job center and starring Russell Tovey. At this point, I’ll just be happy if someone gives me a second chance to watch Bad Girls from the beginning.

The CW got an odd bit of ratings news. L.A. Complex, which set a historical low for series debuts on broadcast TV, drew more viewers when the episode was repeated on Wednesday. A mere 646,000 viewers caught the premiere, 721,000 more watched the encore. At the least, that should give CW execs hope that positive word-of-mouth can help the drama dig its way to renewal.

In cable network ratings news, Interior Therapy with Jeff Lewis and Million Dollar Listing New York hit a series high this week while Syfy’s nightvision camera show with Urkel had a strong debut.

Friday’s Listings

The Talk (CBS) Check local listings
Tori Spelling makes a return visit today. I’m guessing she’ll stick around for the segment on baby shower gifts.

The Finder (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
For the series’ penultimate episode Walt helps a friend of Isabel investigate her father’s death and to track down her inheritance.

Nikita (CW) 8:00 PM ET
My partner and I have been noticing the string of Birkhoff’s glamorous dream homes that quickly go from being a safe house to bullethole-ridden take on how Jeff Lewis would design a smouldering bomb crater. That might end after this week as Nikita convinces him to risk his entire fortune to take Percy down. Will Team Nikita have to go back to hiding in abandoned warehouses?

Fairly Legal (USA) 9:00 PM ET
Kate’s latest case sees her working to trying to find the middle ground between her alma mater and a student it expelled.

Grimm (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
So far, Nick’s largely been able to avoid the tensions of the wessen world, but this week a murder suspect decides to get Nick off his case by summoning the reapers to Portland.

Supernatural (CW) 9:00 PM ET
We’re getting close to the finale, and that means it’s a good time for a comedy relief episode. What better way to lighten the tension before the big leviathan battle than an appearance by geek fave Felicia Day as a queer hacker who the Winchesters hope can get the data off of Frank’s hard drive. I’m hoping this is just what I need to feel better about Monday’s heart-shattering Eureka.

In Plain Sight (USA) 10:00 PM ET
It’s an episode on the run as Mary’s dad goes on the run, leaving Mary to try to evade the FBI as she tries to find him without their interference.

A new season of The Thick of It kicks off this weekend.

Saturday’s Listings

Space Twister (Syfy) 9:00 PM ET
Is it twister month or something? First we had that movie where aliens attack earth with their tornado-ray, now we’ve got this one where “otherworldly storms” threaten the world. This one does have Erica Cerra and Gilmore Girls stud David Sutcliffe.

The Graham Norton Show (BBC America) 11:00 PM ET
Graham’s finally back with new episodes as he gets a visit from Cate Blanchett, Ewan McGregor, Michael Sheen, Matt Lucas and musical guest Keane.

The Thick of It (BBC America) Midnight ET
If you’re enjoying HBO’s Veep, check out Armando Iannucci’s previous political comedy. As I mentioned previously, this is a comedy I appreciate more than I enjoy but it is a great show. It’s just not a show that poses the danger of asphyxiating from laughter for me.

Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show (BBC America) 12:40 AM ET
On the other hand, the first season of Katy Brand’s Big Ass Show was a show that was able to make me laugh again and again, so I’m really excited to hear that its starting a new season this week. I hope there’s plenty of Brand’s version of Kate Winslet and the overwhelming normalcy.

For The Good Wife finale, we’ve got a super-villan team-up.

Sunday’s Listings

The Simpsons (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
This week’s edition of “the Simpsons ruin everything” takes the family on an expensive cruise that required each family to sell a prized possession to take. However, Bart comes up with a scheme to make sure the fun never ends. That just screams international incident in the making.

Once Upon a Time (ABC) 8:00 PM ET
While August helps Emma plot against Regina, the fairy-tale world sees Geppetto face the threat of the evil queen, wondering how he’ll help his child survive the impending curse. Hmm, I wonder how they’ll turn out to be connected….

Bob’s Burgers (Fox) 8:30 pM ET
Gayle (the voice of Megan Mullaly) returns this week, just in time for the influence of novocane to make Bob kiss her, mistaking her for his wife.

The Apprentice (NBC) 9:00 PM ET
This week the celebrities are tasked with writing a jingle for a roadside assistance program, which sounds like we’re going to see Clay as project manager.

Desperate Housewives (ABC) 9:00 PM ET
We’re about four episodes away from saying “Adieu” to Wisteria Lane and am I alone in thinking that it still doesn’t feel like we’re headed towards a big goodbye? Anyway, this week sees Bree having to explain her season two battle with alcoholism while Carlos tries to convince Gaby’s new, rich client (Doris Roberts) to spend her money on charity instead.

Chopped All Stars (Food Network) 9:00 PM ET
As in the first All Star competition, the first round ends with Chopped judges facing off. This time that means Alex Guarnaschelli, Marc Murphy, Chris Santos and Marcus Samuelsson facing the mystery ingredients. I wonder if Alex has the unimpressed face she wears as a judge while she’s cooking.

Game of Thrones (HBO) 9:00 PM ET
Wow, so I may have been on the “More Joffrey-slapping please” bandwagon, but last week’s developments have me more on a “Let’s just get to the Joffrey-stabbing” frame of mind. I’m hoping things start going badly that royal ass as the defense of King’s Landing continues.

Family Guy (Fox) 9:00 PM ET
In the name of “at least the Stewie or Brian stories are still occasionally good” I bring your attention to this week’s episode where Stewie meets his female counterpart.

The Good Wife (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
For the season finale, Lockhart & Associates (okay, the internet won’t tell me the law firm’s latest name) faces its Legion of Doom as Patti Nyholm teams up with Louis Canning to take down the firm. I hope this is the beginning of a new season-finale tradition where more and more of L&A’s enemies join forces.

Nurse Jackie (Showtime) 9:00 PM ET
Jackie’s working to manage her lies again when Grace realizes where he mom has really been and Jackie has to race to break the news to her husband. This one also has Rosie Perez and Michael Arden showing up as patients.

The Big C (Showtime) 9:30 PM ET
The party might be over for Sean and his new phone sex business now that Victor Garber is tap-tap-tapping on Sean’s window, yelling that he’s the real Willy Wanker (insert your “The Real Slim shady” mini-parody here). There’s also more of Susan Sarandon as the Joyologist, but at the moment I’m distracted by the promise of John Benjamin Hickey and Victor Garber yelling at each other.

The Cleveland Show (Fox) 9:30 PM ET
While I’ve given up on watching The Cleveland Show hoping to see more of Terry, this week does have the voices of Darren Criss and Fergie in a musical episode that follows Cleveland Jr. becoming more interested in church after noticing a particular choir girl.

Mad Men (AMC) 10:00 PM ET
Thankfully, now that Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23 has got me thinking about how great Kiernan Shipka can be (and I am now this close to being able to spell her name without looking it up) we’ve got a Mad Men with a Sally storyline. Of course, since Mad Men treats episode details like they’re precious metals, all I know is that Sally’s storyline involves helping a relative.

GCB (ABC) 10:00 PM ET
Just to prove that this show loves its gay viewers, this episode adds Kevin Alejandro and Grant Bowler to the show. Hunky Ugly Betty flashbacks for the win!

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Kelly Osbourne and Theresa Giudice will be starting off Andy’s week.

What will you be watching this weekend? Please share in the comments!

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