TV on Tap: Chris Hardwick Will Be “Talking Dead,” “Fringe” Gets a Comic Book and Another Ridiculous PTC Complaint

Fox goes prehistoric with tonight’s debut of the new sci-fi series Terra Nova.


I’m feeling mixed about the news that AMC has ordered Talking Dead, a talk show hosted by Chris Hardwick that will focus on The Walking Dead. I love the idea but I’d like to see Hardwick doing some post-game commentary on Mad Men and Breaking Bad, too. The time slot puzzles me, as well — the chatfest will air on Fridays, following an encore of The Walking Dead. Those quibbles aside, I’m looking forward to this one and hoping for rumors of a summer version, “Gab Men.”

Kiefer Sutherland will be returning to Fox with the help of Heroes creator Tim Kring. The series is called Touch and will have Sutherland play a single man with a mute 11-year-old son. As the dad tries to deal with his son’s disability, he realizes the child has an ability to see things other people can’t. Fox has already ordered 13 episodes. Unless Kring can get Bryan Fuller to join his writing team, I’m not looking at this one with high hopes.

As if you needed another reason to anticipate new episodes of Happy Endings, former Daily Show correspondent Rob Riggle will appear in an episode as a mailman who ends up joining Brad and Dave’s basketball game.

Fans of Fringe have one more outlet as DC Comics is releasing a 14-part digital Fringe comic co-written by series star Joshua Jackson. New issues will come out every other week and will vary between “what if” stories and ones that fit within the show’s continuity.

Here’s something that makes me feel good about ABC’s soapy Revenge. Series creator Mike Kelley promises that all of the questions raised in pilot will be answered by the thirteenth episode and if additional episodes are ordered it’ll focus on a new vengeful story arc. I’ve sene enough promising shows lose steam with the fourteenth episode, so I’m glad to hear there are plans for the entire season.

You might see this as good news or bad news if you’re a Being Erica fan. It appears there won’t be an American version, after all.

The Ted Haggard/Gary Busey episode of Celebrity Wife Swap was supposed to film at the GLBT Pride Center in Colorado Springs where one of the couples would have helped assemble care packages for gay and lesbian soldiers. However, when the filming was reported in different places, the producers canceled the appearance.

The Parents Television Council continues to be ridiculous, this time they’ve filed a complaint with the FCC over Geo Godley’s audition on The X-Factor where Godley dropped his pants. The PTC complaint says that X-Factor viewers “were assaulted by graphic nudity” even though what made it on the air covered Godley’s crotch with a large X-Factor logo. In fact, the logo was so large it covered-up that Godley was actually wearing a tiny g-string. I understand why a parent watching the show might have been upset to see that with their children, but the PTC isn’t serving those parents by lying about what aired.

You’ve probably noticed that adding Adrian Pasdar to a show always gets my attention. Thus, I’ll be paying attention to HBO’s upcoming comedy 40, which just added Pasdar and Michael Imperioli to its cast. The series also stars Ed Burns and Michael Rapaport as four friends who help each other deal with living in their 40s.


The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Nate tackles clutter with by helping a woman with an overflowing kitchen and giving a quiz to ask “Are you a secret clutter-er?”

The Ellen DeGeneres Show (syndicated) Check local listings
Wanda Sykes visits Ellen to discuss her recent battle with cancer. Considering what an amazing personality Sykes can be, I wouldn’t be surprise to see her mix moving and hilarious.

The Chew (ABC) Check local listings
ABC’s replacement for All My Children is a food-focused (sorry if you were hoping for a show dedicated to tobacco) talk show with a panel of hosts that includes Mario Batali, Top Chef finalist Carla Hall and style guide Clinton Kelly.

Days of Our Lives (NBC) Check local listings
It’s a new beginning in Salem as the Horton Town Square opens and characters make comments that also hint at the soap’s new writers and new direction.

Gossip Girl (CW) 8:00 PM ET
The new season begins on the West coast as Nate and Chuck wrap up their summer travels to meet with Serena, who now has a Hollywood job. Meanwhile, on the west coast, Dan is surprised to find out that his book — which he never submitted to a publisher — is getting a big launch. Sadly, with the under-used Eric gone, Dan’s book is as gay as Gossip Girl is going to get this season.

Dancing with the Stars (ABC) 8:00 PM ET
This week the competitors have to show their ability to master the quickstep and the jive. As usual, the real question will be which pop songs will the DWTS orchestra stylishly butcher this week.

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
Barney makes a bet with Marshall that he can master the teppanyaki grill, promising that he will wear Marshall’s ducky tie if he loses. Will Barney be forced to turn his suits silly? Also, Victoria is back in town as the HIMYM team tries to remind us of a day when Ted wasn’t such an annoying character.

The Lying Game (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
When Thayer returns to Phoenix without Sutton, it raises a bunch of questions and puts Emma in a situation where she considers confessing to the switch.

Terra Nova (Fox) 8:00 PM ET
Steven Spielberg brings us this sci-fi series about a family dealing with a very different world now that aliens have invaded earth
er, whoops that’s Falling Skies. This one follows a family who participates in a colony
that sends humans to prehistoric times, an escape to an overcrowded and
resource-starved world.

2 Broke Girls (CBS) 8:30 PM ET
Caroline tries to help Max deal with breaking up with Robbie, which sounds like the kind of story that ends up with lessons in boundaries and being vulnerable. Since Robbie shows up in this episode, let’s hope there’s also another lesson on Noah Mills’ abs.

Two and a Half Men (CBS) 9:00 PM ET
Okay, normally this wouldn’t make the listings but not only does Judy Greer (Archer, Arrested Development) appear as Walden’s ex-wife, I also figure some of you will appreciate the title of this episode, “People Who Love Peepholes.”

Mike & Molly (CBS) 9:30 PM ET
Mike & Molly might not hit my radar often but with Melissa McCarthy and Swoosie Kurtz in the cast, I figure a number of you will want to know that the comedy starts its second season tonight.

Hair Battle Spectacular (Oxygen) 10:00 PM ET
The battle goes sci-fi and this time not only do they have to create an “out of this world” hairstyle that have to make a costume out of hair.

Hawaii Five-O (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
The task force takes on a new member, a profiler who is also there to make sure McGarrett and team don’t break any of the new rules set by the Lieutenant Governor.

The Playboy Club (NBC) 10:00 PM ET
A contest to find the next Playboy covergirl has the bunnies excited — at least until they learn that they’ll have to give out some personal information. While that leads to Carole-Lynne discovering some of Maureen’s secrets, I wonder what that means for Alice.

The Big C (Showtime) 10:30 PM ET
Cathy comes to terms with a recent death as New Year’s Eve nears in tonight’s season finale.

Death Valley (MTV) 10:30 PM ET
John-John gets some bad news as he discovers that someone in his family is a zombie.


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The Nate Berkus Show (syndicated) Check local listings
After a year of work, Nate finally reveals the home he decorated for Oprah’s “warrior mom” Monica Jorge.

Raising Hope (Fox) 9:30 PM ET
Not only does tomorrow’s episode have My Name is Earl’s Eddie Steeples, it also has Stephen Root.

Awkward. (MTV) 11:00 PM ET
MTV’s excellent high school dramedy wraps up its first season with an hour-long episode Tuesday.

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