TV on Tap: “Downton Abbey” Is Getting a Prequel, NBC Is Adapting “About a Boy” and the Most Depressing “Doctor Who” Departures

Those faces sure make tonight’s Warehouse 13 mid-season finale look dramatic!>


How would you compare Amy and Rory’s Doctor Who exits to the series ten most depressing companion departures? I may have had problems with how the Weeping Angels were used, but the show definitely delivered the melodrama. Usually you have to kill a dog to get me to react like that. (Why, hello Futurama, hello Revenge.)

NBC is looking to adapt About a Boy into a TV series.

I have to admit, when I heard that Downton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes was working on a Titanic mini-series, I was hoping he’s make it a Downton prequel by making James Crawley one of the characters. Instead, Fellowes says he’s writing a prequel novel about the courtship between Robert and Cora.

Character actor Mark Margolis, best known for ringing Tio Salamanca’s bell on Breaking Bad has taken a recurring role on American Horror Story.

Last week’s episode of The New Normal echoed the fifth episode of Maude, where Maude tries to find African-American friends to invite to a party, only to end up inviting her maid. If liberal hypocrisy ends up a theme for the series, it’ll improve The New Normal a lot… especially since it’s not defining liberal hypocrisy as being too close-minded to bigotry.

TNT has ordered a third season of the Mark-Paul Gosselaar/Breckin Meyer series Franklin & Bash. Someday I’ll find time to catch an episode and see if it can convince me I’m not watching enough lawyer dramas already.

Meanwhile, AMC has ordered a second season of Small Town Security, one of many shows I’d consider watching if I had the time. It works if you think of it as a Christopher Guest movie turned into reality TV.

If Chris Pratt is looking bigger to you on Parks & Recreation, that’s because he’s working to gain weight for a movie role.


Anderson Live (syndicated) Check local listings
Anderson is joined by Amy Brenneman as America Ferrera, Olivia Wilde, Meg Ryan and Gabrielle Union talk about their work to combat abuse against women worldwide. Also on the guest list: one of the Real Housewives.

The Wendy Williams Show (syndicated) Check local listings
My efforts to avoid Teresa Giudice continue to be thwarted today as she shows up to talk to Wendy on the same day as Michael Urie.

Katie (syndicated) Check local listings
Katie’s getting a visit from Andy Cohen and Jimmy Kimmel today.

The iHeartRadio Music Festival (CW) 8:00 PM ET
The CW is kicking off its fall season with this concert special that includes performances by Pink, Rihanna, No Doubt and more (you might have heard a little something about Green Day) along with appearances by CW stars like Nina Dobrev.

Switched at Birth (ABC Family) 8:00 PM ET
Is it just me or has the last few episodes been campaigning to get noticed by the next AfterEllen Femslash Tourney? First Regina and Kathryn start showing more chemistry than the Kennish parents ever did now Bay has been delivering the hoyay with Zarra. Get ready for more of that as the two street artists find out that someone has been tagging over the art. I have a feeling this will end with Bay hearing something like, “You see how it feels when someone defaces your things?”

How I Met Your Mother (CBS) 8:00 PM ET
Barney drafts a lengthy pre-nup and the guys feel free to suggest their own additions (if we needed a sign this relationship wasn’t going to work, nothing says “Solid relationship” like a long list of demands.) That sets Quinn off to make her own pre-nup, which begins a battle of the sexes.

Partners (CBS) 8:30 PM ET
When Louis learns that Joe and Ali haven’t been intimate in a while, it inspires some meddling on Louis’ part. A lot of the early reviews of Partners complained Louis was written in a way that wasted Michael Urie’s charm. that plot does not sound like a course correction.

Major Crimes (TNT) 9:00 PM ET
If Tao wasn’t sold on the division’s new mission of pursuing plea deals, he probably will be when someone he arrested for murder manages to get his conviction overturned on a technicality.

Warehouse 13 (Syfy) 9:00 pm ET
For the summer finale, the Warehouse team finally faces the evil created when Artie used the Astrolabe — who turns out to have a plan to unleash another disaster on the world. Let’s hope they can stop this threat without unleashing another global menace. They deserve a little bit of time off.

Hawaii Five-0 (CBS) 10:00 PM ET
“Mom?” “Booboo?” McDanno was really delivering slashwink last week. I’m hoping that continues this week as August March (Ed Asner) returns. The Five-0 team hopes they can get his help in solving an art theft gone wrong. I’d love to hear him throw some snark in McDanno’s direction.

Watch What Happens Live (Bravo) 11:00 PM ET
Andy’s getting a visit from Michelle Trachtenberg tonight.

Late Night with David Letterman (CBS) 11:35 PM ET
Not only is Dave chatting with Stephen Colbert tonight, he’s also got gay icon Martha Wash appearing.

What will you be watching tonight? Please share in the comments!

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